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Space Force Commander Fired For Condemning Marxism In U.S. Military

A U.S. Space Force special unit commander was fired from his post last week after he discussed the infiltration of Marxist ideology into the U.S. military.


A U.S. Space Force special unit commander was fired from his post last week after he discussed the infiltration of Marxist ideology into the U.S. military on a podcast, reported on Saturday.

Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado was released on Friday by the head of Space Operations Command Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, “over a loss of confidence in his ability to lead.”

“This decision was based on public comments made by Lt. Col. Lohmeier in a recent podcast,” a Space Force spokesperson told “Lt. Gen. Whiting has initiated a Command Directed Investigation on whether these comments constituted prohibited partisan political activity.”

Lohmeier, however, claims that his “chain of command, public affairs and legal counsel” all knew about his opposition to Marxism because they knew about his recently self-published book “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.”

“My intent never has been to engage in partisan politics. I have written a book about a particular political ideology (Marxism) in the hope that our Defense Department might return to being politically non-partisan in the future as it has honorably done throughout history,” Lohmeier said.

Lohmeier’s career specialty is in identifying incoming threats to U.S. national security.

Historically, opposition to Marxism, the ideology of Communism, has been not political but existential for Americans and American institutions. Affiliation with Communism remains a disqualifying factor for U.S. citizenship, because Communism aims to end the U.S. Constitution new citizens swear fealty to. Numerous U.S. enemies, including No. 1 foe China, are Communist-run.

Lohmeier first joined the “Information Operation” podcast to promote his book, which ranked number two in Amazon’s “Military Policy” category. During the conversation, the then-commander and former fighter pilot expressed concerns that the U.S. military enacts certain policies that appealed to leftists over other ideologies or parties. He specifically noted that race-driven curriculums and other far-left campaigns in the military are hurting opportunities for unity.

Lohmeier also reportedly criticized Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his hypocritical campaign to purge the military of “extremism” following the Capitol Riot on Jan. 6 while maintaining willful ignorance of the violence and destruction spurred on by George Floyd’s death last year in riots across the country.

“I don’t demonize the man, but I want to make it clear to both him and every service member this [diversity and inclusion] agenda, it will divide us, it will not unify us,” Lohmeier said.

Austin attempted to defend himself and Press Secretary John Kirby by claiming that “diversity throughout the force is a source of strength” and “we can’t afford to deprive ourselves of the talents and the voices of the full range of a nation that we defend.”

Lohmeier is not the only person with concerns about the politicization of the military. Some are skeptical of the U.S. military and CIA’s partisan attempts to appeal to leftist identity politics. Identity politics is often known as cultural Marxism because it transfers the animosity communism agitates for among economic classes also to leftist identity categories.