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It Will Take Years To Repair The Institutional Decay From COVID-19 Pandemic


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech sat down with Martin Kulldorff, PhD and Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD on his latest Fox News podcast.


Federalist Publisher and Fox News Contributor Ben Domenech sat down with Martin Kulldorff, PhD and Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD to discuss the erosion of institutional trust bred by the coronavirus lockdowns experimentally implemented.

“We have made all these decisions in panic mode, almost for a full year,” said Bhattacharya, emphasizing he’s more interested in accountability for the systems that led to widespread draconian lockdowns than the individuals who endorsed them. “Rather than sort of calmly following plans that we’ve, that have made sense, which wasn’t a lockdown, we’ve instead decided that only the lockdown could only be the solution, without counting the costs at all.”

Costs of the lockdowns meanwhile, Bhattacharya said, far exceed those of the virus itself beyond dollars and cents, where cancer screenings went missed, heart attacks untreated, and diabetes not managed as COVID-19 continued to spread despite the extreme restrictions. Institutions, however, from government, to media, to tech giants have eroded their credibility through aggressive conformity with monolithic groupthink to promote the lockdowns.

Open debate, on the other hand, is vital to restore trust in public health officials from a weary population now subject to the only information tech conglomerates profiting on the lockdowns determine is admissible.

“They have really failed us,” Kulldorf said of the Silicon Valley tech giants monopolizing the digital public square with a complicit corporate media. “There are a lot of people, regular scientists or public health people,” Kulldorf continued, who “don’t dare to say what they want because they are afraid they will close down their Twitter account, or their Facebook account, or so on.”

That silencing, Kulldorf said, has “created this erroneous belief that the scientists are all pro-lockdown.”

Listen to the full podcast here.