Hemingway: More Than Police Reform, We Need Media Reform

Hemingway: More Than Police Reform, We Need Media Reform

Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway discussed the uptick in violent crime nationwide on Fox News this Monday, saying we “need media reform” to more adequately tell the truth about policing “and what the real problems are with crime.”

“Less than having a police crisis in this country, we have a violent crime crisis in this country,” Hemingway said. “What’s happened in that last year since Democrats decided to not do police reform is that violent crime has gone up in all of the major cities — or all but one of the major cities, like the top 60 cities.”

Hemingway discussed how the increases in violent crime across the nation more deeply affect poorer areas, instead of places elites live.

“You’ve seen a 33 percent increase in homicides, upticks in arson, and rape, and robbery. These are things that affect people in low-income communities, precisely the communities that we are told people care about,” she said.

The media has continually lied about policing and not provided a fair rationale for the increases in crime, Hemingway noted.

“It’s been a decade of the media really telling lies about the state of policing in this country, and what the real problems are with crime in this country,” she said.

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