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Ben Domenech: The Ruling Class Is Leading America Into Decline, But They Don’t Have To Win

Ben Domenech

‘This is a cancer and it will be hard to survive, but America is not doomed to fail,’ Domenech said. A drive across the country will show you a lot of hopelessness, but it will also show you… a fighting spirit to take on the greatest battle of our lifetimes.’


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said U.S. elites who remain out of touch with the working class are spurring on the nation’s decline.

“This week I’ve talked about the American crisis and its many symptoms: tolerance for crime, the destruction of the meaning of words and truths, disrespect for Christianity, hatred for Judaism, open disregard for freedom, completely unaccountable elites who hate you,” Domenech said on Fox News’ “Primetime” on Friday night. “But what is it, at the core of it? We smelled decay but where is it coming from?”

Many Americans, Domenech continued, love their country and can tell that “something is wrong.”

“We can see it when we drive into once-thriving cities, drug-addicted madmen wandering the streets, needles on the ground, tents in the parks, all called progress. And we can see it every time we turn on the TV: vicious accusations pointed at us that something as beautiful as silence is now violence,” Domenech said. “Claims that it causes incalculable damage to young black college students to live in the same dormitory as their white fellow Americans. The openly spoken idea that a secure border is fascist. The mass hysteria gripping entertainment, academia, government, and even aspects of medicine that says men can actually be women.”

Not only does Domenech say these ideas are “insane,” but he notes they signal significant cultural and moral decline.

“Decadent ideas don’t flourish when people, including our elites, are hard at work when people are struggling with real problems, when civil rights is about real racist systems,” Domenech said.  “…when the left tried this ideology 60 years ago…those ideas did not stick because people had real concerns and real character and a real love for our country.”

The “concerns of the ruling class,” Domenech said, “are the ultimate luxury goods of a decadent society.”

“Very few of them can afford such decadence because they are working hard for what they have or solving real problems,” he continued. “They are decadent because they steal a hard day’s labor. They’re decadent on your backs, making more and more money, going wealthier and wealthier, with no care if something is made by your hands if they can get it made cheaper by weaker slaves. They don’t care about you.”

Corporate media and politicians’ willingness to write off incidents such as Mohammad Anwar’s death at the hands of two teenage girls and a Columbus police officer’s decision to shoot a black girl to save another one, Domenech said, shows just how out of touch elites are.

“When we say ‘hard work is toxic masculinity’ or being on time is a ‘white racist construct,’ our enemies see it, just like those lords and ambassadors 400 years ago,” Domenech explained. “…Do you think the Chinese are canceling advanced math as Virginia schools are discussing in the name of equity? Do you think that they look at us and think we’re strong?”

While Domenech said America does not appear strong right now, it has the potential to recover if people are willing to put in the work in their communities.

“The symptoms we’ve been dealing with, the unreasonable paranoia of disease, the offense at freedom, the obsession with emotions and how people feel instead of what’s real and what’s true, these are symptoms of the cancer in our cities and our universities and our ruling class,” Domenech said. “This is a cancer and it will be hard to survive, but America is not doomed to fail. A drive across the country will show you a lot of hopelessness, but it will also show you an indomitable character, a love of country, a love of family, a love of God, and a fighting spirit to take on the greatest battle of our lifetimes.”

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