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Ben Domenech: On Afghanistan, DC Is Completely At Odds With The American People

Ben Domenech

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said on Fox News Wednesday the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is one area in which Washington DC has been completely detached from what Americans want.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said on Fox News Wednesday the two-decades-long war in Afghanistan is a key issue on which Washington DC is “completely at odds” with the American people.

“It has been a repeated problem in terms of anyone who tried to engage in a process that would lead to leaving,” Domenech said, highlighting President Donald Trump’s efforts to pull out of the region over the vocal objections of beltway insiders throughout his four years in office, as well as the active insubordination of federal employees.

President Joe Biden announced this week his administration would remove all troops in Afghanistan by Sept. 11.

“In the interim,” Domenech cautioned, “there will be all manner of justifications made for us to stay there.”

Domenech said two decades of American presence has only recently offered “diminishing returns.”

“I have had multiple family members serve in Afghanistan and what they’ll tell you, along with many of my friends in this generation who have gone there, is that this is long past the point where we should have left,” Domenech said.