How A Year-Long Pandemic Changed The Country Forever

How A Year-Long Pandemic Changed The Country Forever

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky discuss how “two weeks to slow the spread” turned into a year of tyrannical lockdowns and fearmongering by hypocritical elites that infringe on American freedoms.

“Before we knew what this was, it did make sense to react as, you know, many cities did. It was just that those restrictions lingered beyond after we started to learn more about COVID,” Jashinsky said.

Even when more information about COVID-19 emerged, draconian lockdowns, bureaucratic overreach, and extensive regulation continued, Bedford noted.

“There are a lot of stories of personal tragedies that occurred because of absolutely insane bureaucratic overreach and people who had no sympathy and no humanity in them and they just worship at the altar of the system and Fauci,” Bedford said. “Every single one of our centers of power, elite power are completely opposed to America, completely opposed to religion, completely opposed to any traditional idea of sort of society, opposed to our founding, and opposed to our freedoms.”

Although some parts of America remain open and free Bedford noted, “losing every single power center, all of the commanding heights of corporations and sports, as we’ve seen in the last week on the military, shows just how screwed we are. We’re in trouble.”

Read Bedford’s article “Celebrating One Year Of Rebellion Against Dr. Fauci And The Government’s Arbitrary Tyranny” here.

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