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5 Ways To Use ‘Stimulus’ Hush Money To Fight Democrats’ Plans For Your Serfdom


Democrats’ fifth round of “coronavirus” “stimulus” will soon hand another $1,400 in government debt, plus interest, to every American man, woman, and child in 90 percent of U.S. households. It’s clear this is yet another round of hush money meant to keep Americans quiet and distracted while Democrats restructure the United States into a larger version of their failed uniparty state, California.

While COVID times have been obviously worse than the four years of prosperity and freedom under President Trump, the U.S. unemployment rate is currently 6.2 percent, markedly better than the average during Barack Obama’s presidency, 7.4 percent. States and government agencies are also sitting on more than $1 trillion in unspent dollars from the previous four rounds of “stimulus.”

While Republicans joined every other stampede into massive and needless inflation of public debt in the name of COVID, they finally hit their limit with this bill, with none voting for it. Less than 9 percent of this bailout is going to anything that can be construed as targeting COVID. This is not a COVID bill, this is a bill helping to pave the way for socialism and economic disaster.

Don’t Buy a TV on America’s Credit Card

Nearly half of the bill’s lard will be spent after this year is over — months and months after the COVID vaccine will have been made available to every American who wants it.

According to a House Republican summary, nearly a quarter of its $2 trillion spending will go to federal arts agencies that spread neo-racism, as well as payouts to foreign governments. Another quarter will go to expanding the welfare state through programs completely unrelated to COVID and largely distributed after this calendar year. Half a trillion of this bailout’s funds reward state and local governments for lockdowns, even as the deaths from lockdowns begin to stack up and vaccines become widely available and governments are sitting on stacks of cash.

Under this bill, noted Rep. James Smith, R-Mo., “more than half of Americans would earn more from unemployment benefits than work.” It expands Obamacare in ways the Congressional Budget Office predicts will encourage people to work less and take more of others’ earnings through welfare.

Also, according to a failed amendment by Reps. Ashley Hinson and Randy Feenstra, R-Iowa, “The legislation transforms the Child Tax Credit into a universal basic income for parents at a cost of more than $100 billion. Analysis suggests this would result in 277 million fewer employment hours.” A universal basic income is, quite simply, welfare payments with zero expectation that recipients reciprocate by working or attempting to work. Huge majorities of Americans, in the 80 percent range or higher depending on the poll, oppose welfare without work requirements. Too bad.

In short, this helps Democrats accelerate America’s socialist welfare state. It is widely acknowledged in Washington DC as a preliminary to a universal basic income for everyone.

This way of so-called “governance” is why the United States’ fiscal condition is a national security emergency. The COVID panic has turned the United States from a welfare state with an army into a dangerously bankrupt welfare state with an army that openly recruits people with expensive, mission-destabilizing mental illnesses and defends the idea of sending pregnant women into combat. China’s Communist Party is wetting itself with glee right now.

The eye-watering levels of spending Congress has endorsed in these five rounds of “stimulus” are extremely dangerous to our nation’s future. What goes up must come down, and these insane levels of money printing are almost beyond calculation in their potential effects. Congress is playing with fire, and the leaders who know it mostly don’t care.

That’s right, Democrats don’t care if all this leads to inflation, market crashes, shortages, and other market instability that mows down more of everyday Americans’ savings, work, education opportunities, and futures. In fact, they love catastrophes or even the appearance of them. They use panic to pass socialism. Manufactured chaos is one of their prime strategies.

Americans have to be smarter and tougher than this. Don’t take these opiates. Turn their own traps back on them as much as you can.

They want to use this money to make you into the people populating Disney’s cartoon “Wall-E.” Instead, turn it into a weapon for antifragility. The nation’s future depends on your refusal to enable the kind of world Democrats are preparing.

If you are part of the vast majority of Americans who don’t need this helicopter money from our kids and grandkids, don’t be like the “Wall-E” people and use it for consumption. Don’t buy a flat-screen TV or a nicer patio or newer car with the kids’ money.

Use it to fight the ruling class that has so much contempt for you they think they can buy you off with handouts they stole from the next generation to destabilize the country’s future. What they mean for evil, use strategically for good. Here are a few of my ideas for how.

1. Get Children Out Of Public Schools

Don’t tell Nancy Pelosi, but she just helped pass the largest school choice bill in American history. $1,400 in unrestricted money to every American, plus an expanded child tax credit, is even better than Trump’s school choice enacted through a child tax credit expansion. This is your chance to get your kids out of an education infrastructure that has nothing but contempt for them and your deepest principles. Take it.

Dennis Prager pointed out over the weekend that Americans have got to wake up and stop denying the evidence of their own eyes and ears about the destructiveness of the vast majority of U.S. public schools. He writes: “It appears… that no matter how many people lose their children’s hearts and minds to left-wing indoctrination, and no matter how much information accumulates about the perversion of education in American schools, parents continue to take risks with their children they would never take in any other sphere.”

It’s well-documented that public schools destroy children’s faith and replace it with leftist politics. This is an existential crisis for the right. What is the point of being the people who are willing to bear children and invest our entire lives into their upbringing, only to have some empty-headed teacher steal their souls with lies?

More practically, rescue your kids from the brain drain of “Zoom school.” Get them better instruction through private means, and give them a leg up on their peers whose economic competitiveness is being stolen by Democrats who are fine with creating a generation of helpless dependents.

If you are a parent, make Joe Biden cry by taking the money he’s stealing from your kids to pay for their private school tuition, cottage school tutor, or homeschool materials. If you don’t have school-age kids in your home, donate the ransom to fund the private education of a child you know — perhaps a grandchild, niece, neighbor, or the children of a family from church. Donate to a tax-exempt private school or scholarship fund.

Help families save their kids from being told in kindergarten that boys can become girls and that we need to keep lockdowns going forever to save the world from melting polar ice caps. Children deserve far better than that. Make a leftist wail and gnash her teeth: Get a kid out of public school. Don’t miss your chance.

2. Get Out Of Debt

As Aaron Renn writes in his must-read recent Masculinist newsletter, if you have debt, you are vulnerable, and not just economically. He writes that the generations after the Boomers “need to rethink how they structure their finances and their careers in light of both the increasingly hostile social environment in which they find themselves, and the general financial squeeze they’ve been experiencing.”

Gen Xers, millennials, and Zoomers have been tricked into excess financial risk by their own appetites and the Boomer generation, whose profligacy has set up our nation for massive economic pain. There is really no way that any of us normal people who aren’t billionaires will not have our finances and futures damaged by Congress’s disgusting ineptitude. So harden yourself. Prepare.

One of the riskiest financial decisions is to accrue and maintain debt. Set yourself free. Get able to live on a much smaller income. Prevent future economic and social insecurity by using your kids’ money to pay off your debts, and learn to live on less. Being able to live leaner will protect you from being at the mercy of government overlords who do not have your or your children’s best interests at heart.

3. Create Alternative Infrastructure

It is past time for Americans to begin building a parallel polis, or private infrastructure, to solve the problems that inept government bureaucracies are failing to solve. The top priorities should be education and economic development.

American kids need to be taught their country’s real history, and they need to be helped to become economically self-sustaining. Public education institutions and billions of welfare agencies have been failing at this basic societal mission for half a century, and they are only getting worse. If they teach socialism, you need to be competing by helping fellow Americans develop self-reliance. Otherwise, the socialist hordes will vote away your livelihood.

The same corruption infects myriad other institutions such as public libraries, public sports facilities, public welfare agencies, health-care businesses, and others. Alana Newhouse poignantly wrote about this dynamic in January at Tablet after spending months trying to get her newborn son appropriate medical care:

If the medical industry was comprehensively broken, as Norman said, and the media was irrevocably broken, as we knew it was … Was everything in America broken? Was education broken? Housing? FarmingCities? Was religion broken?

Everything is broken.

She concludes:

Abandon the blighted Ivy League, please, I beg of you. Start a publishing house that puts out books that anger, surprise and delight people and which make them want to read. Be brave enough to make film and TV that appeals to actual audiences and not 14 people on Twitter. Establish a newspaper, one people can see themselves in and hold in their hands. Go back to a house of worship—every week. Give up on our current institutions; they already gave up on us.

As The Federalist Co-Founder Ben Domenech wrote with Rob Tracinski in a seminal essay, Americans who want to revitalize their own lives, and thus our country, need to engage in a generations-long culture competition. We need new local media to replace the outposts of the calcified propaganda Gannett chain and nationalization of The New York Times. Go, start it.

Build a place little girls can learn to swim where men can’t see them dressing in the locker rooms. Build libraries where preschoolers won’t happen upon books telling them how genital mutilation is awesome.

We need new ways for young people to get started in self-sustaining work without amassing tens of thousands of dollars of debt and a degree in social justice studies. Do you own a construction, landscape, plumbing, electrical, PR, or some other company? Do you have serious skills a hardworking young person could use to earn a reliable family wage? Go find some of those young people and work it out. Develop an apprenticeship pipeline.

Do you have an idea for a side business that could turn into a full-time job and then hire other people if everything goes well? Use the helicopter bailouts as seed money for jumpstarting new infrastructure like this that you and your local community need. Use it to upskill yourself and your neighbors, because we all know government is more likely to be a self-reliance roadblock than a rescue team. Invest in yourself and your family for the long-term.

4. Fund Your Political Self-Defense

Biden has openly declared his intent to make war on religious Americans like celibate nuns by appointing anti-religious extremists such as Xavier Becerra to high-ranking positions. Remember all the hell President Obama put nuns, religious schools, and churches through? Biden’s administration plans to go farther.

Ordinary churches and religious charities don’t have big legal war chests, and they shouldn’t have to spend money that could go feeding the hungry or providing for foster children fighting their own government’s attempts to destroy them using public resources. Who knows — maybe someday it could be you or your church who are attacked by crazy leftists backed by lawyers with endless billionaire contributions. When that happens, you will be on your knees thanking God for Becket and Alliance Defending Freedom.

Now you have some money to help them out. Send a nice, fat check to ADF or the Becket Fund, those stalwart defenders of religious liberty that our nation needs now more than ever. Their opponents are corrupt government agencies backed by tax dollars bureaucrats take from you to fight you. Now you have $1,400 to play that game, too. Gamestop the hell out of the Biden Department of Health and Human Services with that check.

5. Hedge Against Inflation

One of the few reliable ways for normal people to hedge against inflation is to turn it into assets. Don’t sit on piles of cash, because the government will steal from it by making it worth less. The government uses inflation to steal your savings to fund welfare for people who won’t work and vote Democrat to get more. You can spend the money strategically with dollars that are stronger now than they’re likely to be in the future.

Get a generator. Get a gun and ammo. Buy a membership to a range and start practicing regularly. Make sure your family has a reasonable amount of emergency foodstuffs in stock.

I’m not a financial advisor, but if you are otherwise in a decent financial situation (i.e., out of debt, in a stable job, etc.) prudent investing is likely a good part of a financial preparedness portfolio. Democrats get a huge amount of money from hedge funds, so they’re willing to take extreme measures to juice the market. You should get intelligent advice from people who aren’t me about an inflation investing strategy.

Other ways people hedge against inflation include investing in physical property, such as a business or physical infrastructure. People with this level of financial self-development don’t need me to give them advice, but these are all things to consider as you consider how to make yourself more self-reliant and more able to use your assets, big and small, to help others.

As we’ve learned from every crisis since the 1960s, our government is decaying. Prudent people will be anticipating increased government failures and making plans accordingly. Those who don’t will only have themselves to blame for mismanaging this chance to turn government failures into an opportunity to protect ourselves and our kids while we still can.