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Johns Hopkins Medical Expert: All Airports Would Be Shut Down If They Had To Follow Joe Biden’s COVID Rules For Schools

Marty Makary

‘Why is it that adults get to pack into planes and they do it safely with masks, but kids are last in the reopening plan? That is an abuse of power.’


A professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is warning politicians, teachers unions, and other Americans that keeping schools closed is causing more harm to children than COVID-19.

A new study, Dr. Marty Makary explained to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening, suggests a 91 percent increase in self-harm in children due to lockdowns. In areas with strict government-mandated lockdowns and prolonged school closures, he explained, saw a 300 percent increase in kids seeking medical help after engaging in forms of self-harm. Makary said research also shows a 63 percent increase in overdoses and a large spike in emergency room visits due to “mental illness complaints.”

“We’ll see a lot of research come out on the restrictions particularly against kids. This is the first of many research studies and it looks pretty grim,” Makary said. “…This is the first of many studies that’s going to tell us that many of these policies were basically an abuse by one group that has power over another group and they exercised that power unfairly just because they could.”

The doctor also noted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines recently released and promoted by the Biden administration are not only “flawed” for failing to mention the ramifications of school closures on students’ health and well-being, but also noted they are “filled with dogma.”

“They contradicted top CDC scientists who published in the Journal of the Medical American Association three weeks prior that schools don’t significantly contribute to transmission,” Makary explained. “And if they were applied to the airline industry, every plane in the U.S. would be grounded. Why is it that adults get to pack into planes and they do it safely with masks but kids are last in the reopening plan? That is an abuse of power, Tucker and I hope there’s ultimately a look back with a fair analysis of what is happening right now.”

The lack of students attending in-person classes, Makary said, requires accountability and will ultimately be tossed once people realize how dangerous keeping children out of classrooms really is.

“I think there’s going to be a massive blame game going around but the fundamental problem is that we have not looked at the totality of data on the health of kids and health consequences,” he said. “If you were to ask me if you left your home could you get bacterial meningitis? The answer will always be yes, but if people stay isolated, there will be more health consequences against that individual and as a scientist. You’ve got to look at the totality of data on health outcomes.”