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Happy 55th Birthday, Don Lemon!

Don Lemon

Cheers to another year of Don Lemon continuing to baffle the internet with his ageless face.


Happy birthday to the ageless CNN anchor Don Lemon! It’s hard to believe you’re 55 today.

Lemon said he is spending his birthday celebrating International Women’s Day, which also happens to be March 1, by honoring his mom with a link to his new book about racism coming out later this month.

2020 was a difficult year for many people, including Lemon, who said he had to “get rid of” a lot of friends over politics.

But political differences won’t stop us from celebrating Lemon’s birthday like we do every year at The Federalist. That is, by watching videos of Lemon’s on-air New Year’s Eve shenanigans. Cheers to another year of continuing to baffle the internet with your ageless face!