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Chris Harrison And The Evolution Of Corporate Cancel Culture

Chris Harrison

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Kylee Zempel joins Emily Jashinsky to discuss what “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison’s cancellation means for our culture.


On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Assistant Editor Kylee Zempel joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss why “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison was unfairly canceled and what this “unbelievably alarming” attempt by the mob to end dissenting opinions means for America.

“I think after Chris Harrison gets canceled or after he gets kind of forced to resign, the initial outcome of that is that what he said is proved to be right, it’s proved to be true. He talks back to cancel culture, he gets canceled. That proves that there was some validity in what he was saying,” Zempel explained. “But then you have the outcome of, you know, he issues this apology. If he does that and he doesn’t ever come back to the show, then I think you are empowering the people who already have the power to basically end your career for anything that you say, so that’s another problematic and very troubling outcome of this.”

Instead of extending grace to Harrison for trying to have an open and honest discussion about this season’s contestant who was already labeled a “racist,” the mob canceled him for his refusal to join the groupthink. The public’s reaction to Harrison’s reasonable request, Zempel said, should be alarming to everyone.

“It’s not some fringe idea, the things that Chris Harrison said. You know, those were very nuanced takes and things that people all around the country believe. And when people like that are taken out for saying things that are actually mainstream, that are actually widely held and deeply believed, and just principles that are inherent to human nature and inherent to the American way and the liberties that we hold dear, and they are made an example of for them — that should really trouble us. Whether we care about Star Wars,” Zempel continued, referring to the recent cancellation of “Mandalorian” star Gina Carano, “whether we care about ‘The Bachelor,’ or even whether we care about the Hollywood influencer class — you don’t have to be plugged into that for this type of thing to ultimately affect you.”

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