Podcast: Democrats’ Second Failed Impeachment Was An Attempt To Divide The Right

Podcast: Democrats’ Second Failed Impeachment Was An Attempt To Divide The Right

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech, Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway, and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky analyze the Democrats’ second failed attempt to impeach former President Donald Trump.

“I thought Democrats got what they wanted and Trump got what he wanted,” Domenech said. “And the reason that I think that is that Democrats wanted to not actually convict Trump. They wanted him to be damaged and they wanted to peel away some of the Republicans and cause further splits and fractures in the Republican coalition while maintaining Trump’s ability to run again in the future because they think that he’s valuable to them in that effort. For Trump, I think what he wanted to get out of this was the ability to run again in the future, obviously maintain his status as the 900-pound gorilla, but then I think he also enjoys kind of having people admit that they hate him.”

“The goal was to separate the Republican Party from her voters by getting weak Republicans to vote with Democrats,” Hemingway agreed. 

Democrats’ hypocrisy and shambly attempt to call witnesses and more evidence and then backtrack, Jashinsky said, showcased just how political this trial was from the start. 

“I think as [Democrats] are sort of deriding Republicans for not coming to this with a fair mind and an open mind, it’s the exact same thing on their end,” Jashinsky said. “This was political through and through, no matter how much they tried to preen about it being about principle. I’m sure some people out there were voting on their principle, but the tactic itself and the effort itself was political throughout. It was nothing less than that and draping in this sort of sanctimonious language about principle is just a farce.”

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