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I Was Fine With Wearing A Mask Until Government Demanded I Wear Two

Double mask

The Centers for Disease Control published a new study on face masks, touting the benefits of individuals wearing two masks. Why not three? Or ten?


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a new study on face masks Wednesday, touting the benefits of individuals wearing two masks instead of one to prevent transmission of the novel Wuhan coronavirus.

The study, conducted entirely on mannequin models in a controlled environment, not any human subjects, concluded double masking was about 95 percent effective at reducing particle transmission.

While the CDC’s official guidelines remained officially unchanged to recommend two masks, it didn’t have to make the explicit demand for it to take effect. Legacy media outlets, with the help of their allies in Silicon Valley, jumped at the chance to report out the study published on the CDC’s page to make double-masking the new social standard. If the last 11 months have provided any evidence, it will become the new standard.

Below is Twitter amplifying the study to users across the platform.

Then came the typical culprits taking a single study that promotes their narrative to amplify its findings across the internet. CNN followed suit, along with the Washington Post, the New York Times, and all the rest.

The study, not based on any actual people and not using the highest-quality research methods such as a randomized controlled trial, will ultimately serve to justify those demanding double mask requirements while vilifying those who oppose the idea as cartoon caricatures who don’t believe in science and want people to die. There’s no room to even debate the efficacy of face masks in the first place since big tech shut that down too.

When requirements for facial coverings arrived, I was fine wearing a face mask. I spray my eucalyptus pillow mist in them to keep them fresh, and when the Colorado cold came, I certainly didn’t mind the extra warmth. If it made those around me feel more comfortable, I was happy to oblige.

But when questions began to rise about when we can finally ditch them, even after multiple vaccines have arrived and millions have recovered, it’s become ever more clear our leaders have no intent of us having our lives back.

The issue stretches far beyond a face mask, because it’s not just a mask like we’ve been told time and again on repeat. It’s just a mask, it’s just six feet, it’s just two weeks, it’s just another few weeks, it’s just another month, another season, another holiday, another year, another birthday, another wedding, another graduation, another milestone, another concert, another business, until there’s a vaccine, until everyone’s vaccinated, until there’s another vaccine.

Don’t be selfish, they say, don’t live your life. It’s just two masks.

There is no small portion of the population that now that just wants the government to tell them exactly what to do, the same government that shut down their neighbor’s businesses declaring their lives’ work non-essential. It’s amazing to consider the American public’s apathy towards liberty 250 years after the Boston patriots dumped tea into the harbor over a dumb tax. In fact, I’ve seen people huffing and puffing at 8,000 feet with nobody else nearby being yelled at by other hikers for taking a few minutes to collect themselves without a face covering.

When asked on Fox News this week when Americans could stop wearing face masks, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said when the coronavirus “is not a threat at all.” Meanwhile, scores of public health officials from the same apparatus demanding double face masks are saying the coronavirus is “here to stay,” a pandemic that’s with us for as long as we last, so too now are the masks.