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Mike Lee, Chip Roy Urge Congress To Censure AOC


Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that Cruz tried to kill her went too far for a pair of congressmen now urging both houses to censure AOC for the ludicrous accusations.


Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee sent a letter to Senate colleagues Thursday seeking to censure New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for dubiously claiming Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried to have her killed.

The New York congresswoman made her claim on Twitter, responding to her colleague from the upper chamber hysterically charging the Texas Republican with attempted murder after Cruz said he “fully” agreed with her on the need for hearings to investigate the stock-trading app Robinhood. The company this week suspended trading of several stock purchases after online users began inflating shares of GameStop and AMC Entertainment holdings to undermine hedge funds.

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote, before rejecting the offer of bipartisanship with an extreme claim using inflammatory language. “[Y]ou almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out. Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed.”

AOC was referring to the Capitol riots earlier this month when a horde of Trump supporters sacked the complex as Congress certified the results of the Electoral College. The 31-year-old congresswoman began engaging in the fanciful rhetoric days after the attack, telling her followers on Instagram she did not feel safe hiding in the Capitol bunker “because there were QAnon and white supremacist sympathizers and frankly white supremacist members of Congress in that extraction point.”

Thursday’s claim that Cruz tried to kill her, however, went too far for a pair of his congressional colleagues now urging both houses to censure AOC for the ludicrous accusations.

“It has come to my attention that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out a tweet a few hours ago in which she accused one of our colleagues — twice — of attempted murder,” Lee wrote in a letter to the Senate obtained by The Federalist. “I believe that, as a conference, we should immediately and publicly call on her to retract her statement and apologize. If she refuses to do so — and perhaps even if she doesn’t — I think she should be admonished or censured by the House.”

Lee was joined by GOP Texas Rep. Chip Roy, who sent a similar letter to their colleagues in the House.

“If Representative Ocasio-Cortez does not apologize immediately, we will be forced to find alternate means to condemn this regrettable statement,” Roy wrote. “It is my sincere hope that we all stop this heightened rhetoric and move forward to actually do the work the American people sent us here to do.”