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Finding Creative Internet Solutions In A World Controlled By Big Tech

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Martin Avila talks with Senior Editor Chris Bedford about how the Big Tech crackdown on conservative sites inspired him to create his own platform.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Martin Avila talks with Senior Editor Chris Bedford about his new company RightForge and how Big Tech’s crackdown on conservative sites inspired him and others to create their own platform that can accommodate a wider variety of viewpoints.

“This is a bigger discussion. It isn’t just about like left versus right,” Avila said.It is about the free market and protecting the minority and that’s what this company is all about. By being that way, we are not just the conservative wrench, we are really looking at how do we restart with American ideas, a new backbone of the internet, that can service anything as long as people are willing to make that choice.” 

Big Tech censorship and de-platforming, Avila said, will inevitably continue, forcing many businesses into relocating. The good news, Avila added, is that the market is responding and creating new opportunities.

“I am actually seeing it on a broader scale. It is pretty astonishing every conversation we’re having right now is,Oh, thank God,’ Avila said. “I’m sad that it had to come to this, but, hey, the market is providing solutions.”