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Media Hacks Release Torrent Of Biden Puff Pieces After Years Of Maligning Trump

Media praises Joe Biden

After years of raging against Donald Trump, the corporate media has returned to writing fluffy filler pieces and praises about the incoming administration.


After years of raging against Donald Trump, often misconstruing his words and crafting a narrative focused solely on criticizing his leadership, the corporate media has returned to writing fluffy filler pieces and praises about the incoming administration.

Now, instead of publishing headlines about how the president is a fascist and a white supremacist who deserves two rounds of political impeachments in the House of Representatives, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and other corporate media outlets are returning to their pre-Trump state, writing articles about important topics such as Vice President Kamala Harris’s choice of shoes, the inauguration playlist, and President Joe Biden’s love for ice cream and lovely new agenda for the country.

In lieu of hurling criticisms every which way at the politicians in charge of the country, CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and many others welcomed Biden and his team with open arms, hailing the new president as a “healing” leader and echoing his rhetoric about uniting the country.

“Let the healing begin. We have needed this,” one CNN journalist tweeted.

Shortly before inauguration day, an outburst of articles about the “human” parts of the new leaders also surfaced.

Some were focused on fashion, with some media platforms such as Vogue and CBS rewarding Harris with cover pages and feature stories about her converse shoes, despite finding harsh criticism for the Trump administration and former First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices for the last four years.

The media’s admiration for the incoming Democrat administration extends beyond praising and celebrating the mundane but somehow feature-worthy parts of Biden and Harris. Some of these hard-hitting pieces of journalism include showing love to their spouses, families, and even their pets.

Most people know her as Jill Biden. But to some she is Dr. B, the compassionate and challenging educator who went the extra mile,” one Washington Post headline read on Monday. 

In addition to the fascination over Harris’s shoes, CBS Sunday Morning also devoted a segment to her husband Douglas Emhoff and their marriage.

All of a sudden, the same corporate media who refused to ask Biden and Harris questions on the campaign trail, debate stage, or at their speeches, all while lying about the Trump administration and claiming to provide objective coverage of current events, have completely shifted their tone to warmly embrace the Biden administration.