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New York Times Says Deadly BLM Riots Were ‘Isolated Instances Of Property Destruction’ That GOP ‘Exaggerated’

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In addition to causing $2 billion in property damage, these violent riots in 2020 contributed to the deaths of approximately 30 people. 


In an attempt to justify the corporate media and Democrats’ sudden affection for rule of law after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, the New York Times published an article on Sunday demonizing Republicans for raising issue with the Black Lives Matter riots.

In the article, the author, using language such as “unrest,” argues that the months of violence, chaos, looting, and damage caused in U.S. cities by rioters in the name of Black Lives Matter were simply “isolated instances of looting and property destruction” that the GOP “often exaggerated” and used for political gain in the November election.

“Democrats pointed to the differences in motivation between the Capitol mob and the mass protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was not seeking to overturn an election or being incited by the president,” the article continued. “Republicans saw the Capitol attack as the work of outsiders or as justified by the summer’s isolated incidents of looting and property destruction.”

The author also accused Republicans of using the crimes committed this summer to “try to explain away the Capitol attack,” delaying mention of the fact that “many Republicans condemned violence, attacks on law enforcement personnel and the killing of a Capitol Police officer, Brian Sicknick.”

Despite the author’s attempts to downplay the lawless events that took place following George Floyd’s death, the damage caused during the 2020 riots, 95 percent of which can be linked to Black Lives Matter activism, was not “isolated.”

From Minneapolis and Portland to Atlanta, D.C., Kenosha, and other cities, more than $2 billion in damages was inflicted on businesses, churches, federal buildings, and other downtown structures. Through arson, looting, vandalism, and other crimes, rioters brought damage across more than 20 states.

In addition to causing property damage, some of these violent riots, labeled as “mostly peaceful” protests by the corporate media, contributed to the deaths of approximately 30 people. Victims of the violence included a police captain, a former football player, a federal officer, a photographer, business owners, teens, and others.

Despite the widespread destruction, there are near-countless examples of the Democrats and their friends in the media, such as the New York Times, spinning the narrative and claiming that the violence was justified after years of racial oppression and police brutality.

“The common theme that ties all of this together is an expression of anger and frustration over what people feel like has become an all-too-familiar story,” said CNN’s Omar Jimenez as a chyron reading “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting” rolled across footage of burning buildings in Kenosha, Wisconsin.