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‘Say Their Names’: Democrat Congresswoman Demands Tribute To White Supremacist Murderer

cori bush say their names

Rep. Cori Bush demanded that people spread awareness about the inmates who died on death row during Trump’s presidency, including a white supremacist murderer.


A Democrat representative, who has encouraged the Black Lives Matter movement to “keep going” and “don’t ever stop,” urged users on Twitter to pay respect to a white supremacist.

On Saturday, Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri demanded that people spread awareness about the inmates who died on death row during President Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Say their names,” Bush tweeted after listing the 13 people who she claims were “murdered by Trump’s death row killing spree.”

Despite Bush’s attempt to use the “say their names” statement — wielded by Black Lives Matter activists all around the nation after Breonna Taylor, a black woman, was shot and killed by police during a raid — to raise awareness about death row inmates, among those listed in her tweet was Daniel Lewis Lee, a white supremacist and convicted murderer.

“Daniel Lee was a white supremacist and convicted mass murderer who killed a family, including an 8-year-old girl, in an attempted robbery after torturing them and tossing their bodies in a swamp,” Chad Felix Greene correctly pointed out on Twitter.

In January 1996, Lee murdered a small family after attempting to rob them. During the robbery, Lee and a man named Chevie Kehoe shot the victims with a stun gun, sealed plastic bags over their heads, and dumped their bodies into the Illinois Bayou in Arkansas.

Bush has previously condemned white supremacy, baselessly accusing Trump, her GOP colleagues in Congress, and others of being white supremacists and enabling it through their behavior.

The congresswoman even called Trump the “white supremacist-in-chief” during his second impeachment in the House of Representatives.

Other convicted criminals on Bush’s “say their names” list included Wesley Purkey, convicted of kidnapping, murdering, dismembering, and burning a teenage girl; Orlando Hall, who was convicted of kidnapping, raping, burning, and burying a 16-year-old girl alive; Brandon Bernard, who participated in a double murder in 1999; and other criminals.