Domenech: Big Tech Colluded To Ban Parler, Destroy Competition, And Silence Trump Supporters

Domenech: Big Tech Colluded To Ban Parler, Destroy Competition, And Silence Trump Supporters

The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech says big tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple are colluding to silence people they disagree with and eliminate their competition.

“This is obviously a collusive action on the part of these incredibly powerful entities who are seeking to not just destroy their competition, but effectively to silence people who are supporters of the president online,” Domenech said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends Sunday.”

While Domenech said that a collusion campaign from these companies was somewhat inevitable, it is not justified considering the market power each of the Silicon Valley giants holds.

“You wouldn’t want to see, in a capitalist system, cutting off customer bases or undermining them, preventing them from accessing your products,” Domenech said. “But that really doesn’t take on as much power as an argument when you’ve got control of 99 percent of the market as you do within Apple and Google controlling the dominant portion of the OS market for phones.”

“I think people are basically saying, ‘Fine, go build your own phone network, go build your own operating system, go build your own app store,’ which is, of course, a ridiculous thing to argue,” Domenech continued. “But it’s also one of the things I think big tech is going to be doing more and more of in the coming months as they crush not just the president himself, but a lot of his supporters and everything that they run to and every app that they go and find as a substitute for this.”

These obstructive actions, in addition to blatant speech bans, Domenech said, remind him of some of the same procedures used by communist China to silence dissidents and achieve political goals.

“What you’re really seeing here is big tech doing what the Constitution prevents the government from doing: an enforcement of a social standard in America,” Domenech said.

“It’s very akin of what you have in terms of a social credit system in China,” he continued. “It’s just that over there, the rules are kind of clear. Here they can change the terms of service whenever they want. None of the standards actually are actually serious. They really come down to, ‘If we don’t like you, we’re going to get rid of you and we’ll find a reason for why.'”

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.
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