New York Serial Killer’s Brother Mocks Marco Rubio As ‘Mr. Bible Boy’ On CNN

New York Serial Killer’s Brother Mocks Marco Rubio As ‘Mr. Bible Boy’ On CNN

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon banded together on Monday evening to mock Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida for being open about his Christian faith.

“Mr. Bible Boy. He’s got a Bible quote for every moment,” Cuomo said. “He just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it in the interest of his own state or of this country.”

Cuomo’s insulting monologue began as an airing of grievances by the corporate media anchors against President Donald Trump in light of a leaked call between him and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger about election integrity.

“We’ve never seen anybody abuse the office the way he has, not in our lifetime,” Cuomo said, with Lemon verbally affirming him while pouring a drink.

As the segment went on, however, Cuomo began bashing the GOP senators and representatives who announced they would object to the election certification on Jan. 6.

“Those who remain, the Kevin McCarthys, the people in the House, the people in Senate, who are enabling this, who are complicit in it,” Cuomo said. “This is the man he called Lyin’ Ted, the man he called Little Marco. … They remain, and they all know what they’re doing is bogus. What they are doing on [Jan. 6] is bogus.” Cuomo continued, “They say they have to do this, Don, because the irregularities demanded, but the irregularities on that tape, it’s not true.”

“It is embarrassing,” Lemon agreed.

This isn’t the first time the clearly left-wing anchors have used their platform to mock conservatives and misconstrue Christianity.

Earlier this year, Lemon claimed that “Jesus Christ, if that’s who you believe in, admittedly was not perfect when he was here on earth,” likening his false statement to “deifying the founders of this country” who owned slaves.

“In the constitution, the original one, they put slavery in there and that slavery should be abolished because it was the way the king wanted and then the Congress said ‘no way,'” Lemon said. 

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.
Photo Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon
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