The Hilaria Baldwin Scandal Is An Indictment Of Our Media

The Hilaria Baldwin Scandal Is An Indictment Of Our Media

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Host Ben Domenech and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky review how Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s wife, faked being a Spaniard for years and what it exposed about the media’s corruption.

“There’s a premium on that foreign identity in Hollywood because it gives you that extra identity point,” Jashinsky said. “It gives you that dimension as a celebrity that you can sell for publicity, you can sell it for advertising, you can sell it for all of that stuff. It is a system that’s incentivized by our culture.”

Not only did identity politics drive the Baldwin scandal, but Domenech and Jashinksy agree that the media’s role in attempting to defend the celebrity shows publications’ corruption and unwillingness to provide accurate coverage to their audiences.

“The thing that I think is really problematic about this is … this is directly connected to this divide that we have culturally where certain shows and celebrities are held up as impossible to criticize,” Domenech said.

“I know that she’s going to try to spin her way out of this, and I’m sure that she’s going to get defended by the New York Times and some other very prominent places that you would be surprised to see, but hey, they just defended Jeffrey Toobin,” he added.

Read more of Jashinsky’s coverage of the scandal and the entertainment media’s faults here.

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