Taylor Swift’s Music Is Becoming More Woke And Less Relatable

Taylor Swift’s Music Is Becoming More Woke And Less Relatable

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, The Federalist Assistant Editor Kylee Zempel and Independent Women’s Forum Senior Policy Analyst and BRIGHT Editor Kelsey Bolar analyze Taylor Swift’s newest album and how she has afected pop culture over the last decade and a half.

“Taylor Swift is at our best when she’s just telling us these stories about her life,” Bolar said.

Zempel and Bolar agreed, however, that Taylor’s music and storytelling ability is becoming less relatable and even less interesting to some of her long-time fans.

“Those are the types of stories that so many of us could emotionally identify with,” she continued. “But instead, the themes that are dominating her music, are sort of this ‘me power.’ The woke identity culture is just interwoven into all of the music.”

“I think she’s had to compensate for not having the best voice with her incredible lyrics and her musical ability,” Zempel said. “I think prime Taylor was somewhere between ‘Red,’ which was probably her best album of all time, and ‘Reputation,’ which really helped her because she didn’t have to completely rely on her voice because it was so entertaining of an album.”

While Swift’s politics have edged into her music, Bolar and Zempel agree that she is a talented musician who leaves a mark on American culture.

“I actually don’t think anybody is qualified to comment or criticize Taylor Swift for her vocals, or music abilities without seeing her perform in person, because she can go from being this pop music, dance sensation to this girl on stage with nothing more than her voice and her guitar,” Bolar said.

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