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Ben Domenech: Media, Big Tech Deliberately Lied About Hunter Biden To Shield Joe

‘You have big tech and the media working together to offer what is essentially one of the greatest in-kind donations in the closing weeks of this campaign.’


Big tech and corporate media intentionally underplayed and lied about the Hunter Biden laptop story reported by the New York Post in October, said The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech on Fox News Sunday.

“The biggest and most disturbing part of the story isn’t the behavior of cable news outlets, it’s the fact they went along with what represents, from my perspective, the biggest suppression, the censorship of the American people on a news story that we’ve ever seen done by the actual most powerful media companies in America, social media,” Domenech said.

“Facebook and Twitter making the choice to cancel and to suspend, even ban in some cases, people who shared this story, invading their private messages to prevent them from sending it privately and not just posting it publicly and making arguments in favor of that, that were ultimately supported by many members of the media who claim to be for freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of thought, all things these social media outlets are clearly opposed to,” he continued.

Now that Hunter is under tax investigation by the Justice Department, Domenech said, this intentional suppression by big tech and the media of Hunter’s criminal activity is even more clearly a direct, partisan move to assist Joe Biden’s campaign for the presidency.

“You have big tech and the media working together to offer what is essentially one of the greatest in-kind donations, a partisan one, in the closing weeks of this campaign to prevent the American people from even knowing about something that should absolutely factor into this conversation and is absolutely a valid question to raise about what now President-Elect Joe Biden knew and when he knew it about the way that his son was selling his name, his family name and gaining profit from it, in very questionable ways, from the Chinese Communist Party,” Domenech said.

“I do think it’s valid for many voters to feel frustrated that this is a piece of information they would have liked to know earlier. And certainly the president and his supporters are going to feel that way going forward, given the money laundering in question is tied with Joe Biden,” he added.

In addition to censoring and refusing to cover reports about the Biden family’s corrupt business practices, Domenech said leftist corporate media instead chose to amplify false claims that any stories painting Hunter and the Biden family in a bad light were Russian disinformation.

“The simple fact is, there is no proof, there’s never been any proof that this was Russian disinformation,” Domenech said. “Despite the fact that you had people like John Brennan, Michael McFall, Michael Morell, and others of claiming otherwise, there was no evidence to support that claim and yet it’s one they made over and over again.”

“Joe Biden himself made the claim from the debate stage, endorsing the idea that this was misinformation, disinformation, that it was sourced perhaps to Russia, something for which, again, there is not evidence to make that claim,” he continued.

Domenech asserted that this political overreach and hypocrisy by Facebook, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC, and others should deeply concern everyone.

“The depths of hypocrisy here are impossible to plumb,” Domenech said. “This is something that would be a major story that they would of be clamoring for, and it was flipped around.”

“The way that big tech treated this story should scare everyone,” he stated. “Imagine them doing this on the other side during the 2016 campaign and then afterwards, essentially going in front of Congress, in front of the people and saying ‘Oh, our bad for suppressing people’s ability to share a story that goes to the core of this question about corruption in politics.’ That should be something of concern to all of us.”