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Hemingway: Biden’s Radical Cabinet Picks Signal A Full On Culture War

Joe Biden’s plans to nominate a radical, pro-abortionist to HHS reveals that the former vice president is anything but “moderate.”


The Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway rebuked claims that Democrat Joe Biden is a “unifier” and “moderate” as evidenced by his plans to nominate radical cabinet picks.

“This is a signal that it’s not just not moderate and not unifying, but full-on culture war from the Biden administration and it is deeply alarming to a lot of people,” Hemingway said Monday on Fox News’s “Outnumbered.”

Biden announced his plans to nominate California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin for Defense Secretary.

Despite Biden’s rhetoric promising to bring the country together and reinstate bipartisanship, Becerra has an exhaustive history of supporting extreme, pro-abortion legislation.

“It’s hard to find someone more radical than the guy who tried to force pro-life pregnancy centers to push for abortions. He lost that case at the Supreme Court. He tried to jail a pro-life journalist who exposed fetal body part trafficking on the part of Planned Parenthood and others. He is someone who has really radical positions,” she said.

In addition to nominating a radical pro-abortionist to his cabinet, Hemingway said that Biden himself has a history of taking anti-unifying positions.

“Joe Biden was part of the Obama-Biden administration that actually tried to force nuns to pay for abortions. The nuns had to sue to be able to continue to do their work serving the poor rather than face these crippling fines,” she added.

Hemingway also raised concerns about Austin as Biden’s nomination for Secretary of Defense, calling on GOP Senators to prioritize America first when considering confirming him.

“Republican senators need to push hard for what is going to happen to the American people not just with this, but also with Austin,” Hemingway said.

“I think these senators should focus on, are we going to be able to continue in America-first foreign policy or are we going to be dragged back in the Middle East, instead of focusing on China and these other threats?” she said.

Biden, Hemingway noted, has made promises about withdrawing troops from certain areas that are hard to keep and the Republicans should be aware of how this will affect American foreign policy.

“Joe Biden in 2012 said we would be out of Afghanistan by 2014, but we’ve seen how hard it has been for Trump to get us out of Afghanistan,” Hemingway noted.”A lot of people made mistakes in the past. A lot of people failed with their Mideast policy but I’m more concerned about what’s going to be the case going forward.”