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Democrats And Media Lost All Credibility On Lockdowns And Social Distancing Shaming After Biden Celebrations

Joe Biden remained silent on the mass demonstrations in his honor Saturday after spending an entire campaign chiding Trump rallies as deadly.


Corporate media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race Saturday triggering an outburst of close-quarter celebrations in liberal cities nationwide by the very same people who just days ago had been shaming public gatherings in violation of social distance guidelines.

From the nation’s capital, where schools are closed through the end of the year to Los Angeles where California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared war on Thanksgiving, mass demonstrations broke out to ring in the excitement of a new president next year.

Laudatory overage of the celebrations marked a stark contrast to the way media covered the president’s re-election rallies, condemning them as “superspreader” events while simultaneously boycotting them over fear of infection.

Even when Trump supporters were wearing face coverings, outlets characterized them as careless anyway to perpetuate the preconceived narrative.

Biden meanwhile, has remained silent on the weekend celebrations in his honor after spending an entire campaign chiding Trump’s events as “super-spreader events” put on to “fuel his own ego.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, after raising red flags over the president’s rallies, also said nothing of the Democratic parades on Saturday.

The flagrant double-standard over the weekend celebrations is just the latest case of hypocrisy to surround social distancing where earlier mass demonstrations this summer were gave a familiar deference.

After chastising lockdown protestors as recklessselfishdangeroussuicidalracist because they could spread the virus to black people, and undeserving of medical attention, anarchists rioting in the streets were free to burn down the church that a struggling community was barred from attending.

Hundreds of public health officials also signed a letter in June excusing the mass Black Lives Matter protests since the fight for social justice is apparently more important than the virus that the same officials shut down the country over upending more than 40 million jobs.

That excuse, however, despite how ridiculous it might be, went out the window Saturday when the demonstrations appeared to be about more than nothing else other than celebrating the victorious cause of defeating the White House Orange Man, which some even self-righteously likened to the allied victory in World War II.

After complaining about Trump’s rallies however, liberal journalists had no problem with Democrats engaging in the same conduct they so viciously condemned.

Defenders of the Biden demonstrations then, merely pointed to the widespread use of face masks worn by those celebrating should-to-shoulder in the streets. If they’re popping champagne and passing around the celebratory bottle however, is there really any point? Would they finally allow a full re-opening of spectator sports and outdoor concerts then pending mask compliance?

Democrat leaders however, still didn’t even bother to wear the face coverings imposed on everybody else.

To be clear, mass outdoor gatherings should absolutely be permitted for those comfortable with the risk level. Next time Democrats and corporate journalists chastise those even just wishing to engage in such activity as grandma-killing rubes however,  the public ought to realize the criticism is not that genuine.