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Head Of Biden Transition Team Endorses Blowing Up Supreme Court

The longtime Biden adviser is supporting a bill of dubious constitutionality which would enforce hard term limits on any new Justices.


A radical proposal to enforce 18-year term limits on the Supreme Court was endorsed by former Sen. Ted Kaufman, who is now the leader of Democratic Nominee Joe Biden’s transition team.

As head of the transition team, Kaufman oversees the staffing of a potential Biden administration, and would play a close role in selecting the White House’s most powerful figures. The former senator is a longtime adviser of Biden’s, having spent nearly 20 years as his chief of staff.

The Democrat signed on to an endorsement from leftist advocacy group, Fix the Court, which is pushing for hard term limits for justices in order to “depoliticize” and “reform” the Supreme Court. Fix the Court is also known for buying website domain names with Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s name, and linking them to sites providing information about rape.

The proposed legislation would implement Supreme Court term limits in spite of Article Three of the Constitution. It would also put in place a system wherein older justices could return to the Supreme Court without Congressional or Presidential approval if a different justice left an open seat.

The endorsement comes as questions amass on whether Biden blow up the current Judicial Branch as we know it. The former vice president has repeatedly and explicitly refused to answer questions about whether he would support court packing, but in a “60 Minutes” interview with CBS’s Norah O’Donnell, Biden said he said he wants to establish a commission to evaluate “how to reform the court system” because it is “getting out of whack.”