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ABC, CBS, NBC Offer Joe Biden Scandals Less Than 15 Minutes Of Air Time Over Two Days

ABC News

Of 51 total hours of news programming, the “Big Three” legacy television networks dedicated merely 14 minutes and 15 seconds combined to the Biden story.


ABC, CBS, and NBC, dedicated less than 15 minutes combined to the latest detrimental revelations implicating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in his son’s potentially criminal overseas business activity, according to a new study from the Media Research Center.

Of the 51 total hours of news programming, the media watch-dog reported, the “Big Three” legacy television networks dedicated a mere 14 minutes and 15 seconds to the latest scandals surrounding the Biden family since the first bombshell report from the New York Post dropped on Oct. 14 through Monday morning. Since then, Facebook and Twitter have also weaponized their monopolistic influence over the 21st century public square to suppress the stories online to complement mass media’s attempts to delegitimize, if not ignore, the Post’s blockbuster reporting.

The New York Post, which has been in operation since its founding by Alexander Hamilton in 1801, remains locked out of its own Twitter account seven days after publishing its first story exposing incriminating content found on a laptop retrieved from a Delaware computer repair shop. The suspension comes even after Twitter changed its policy on censorship, which has continued despite the amendments.

According to emails revealed by the Post, former Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly lied about never having discussed his son Hunter’s overseas business ventures with either Hunter “or with anyone else.” Emails from the Post now show Hunter actually introduced his vice president father to a senior advisor to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which at the time was showering Hunter with upwards of $50,000 a month in excess compensation.

Addition reporting by the Post, published the following day and confirmed by Fox News, revealed Chinese businessmen with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party offered Hunter Biden $10 million a year for “introductions alone,” 10 percent of which would be funneled to Joe Biden.

The Media Research Center study found that when CBS did offer the Biden stories coverage, it focused on the question of whether the content found on the laptop stemmed from a larger Russian disinformation campaign to interfere in the upcoming election, a common theme among legacy outlets seeking to refrain from reporting information that might hinder the chances of their preferred presidential candidate.

On Tuesday, the FBI and the Department of Justice joined Director of National Intelligence John Ratfliffe in debunking allegations that Hunter Biden’s emails come from a Russian interference operation.

The Biden campaign meanwhile, has not disputed the authenticity of the Post’s published emails.