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Biden Campaign Press Sec Claims Twitter Censorship Proves Allegations Against Biden Family Are False

“Twitter’s response to the actual article itself makes clear that these, you know purported allegations are false,” said Biden Campaign Press Secretary Jamal Brown.


A Biden Campaign spokesman said Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post’s recent string of articles on Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals is proof that the allegations are false.

National Press Secretary for Joe Biden for President Jamal Brown expressed his gratitude for Twitter’s attempts to “limit misinformation” on Thursday in an interview on Cheddar.

“I think Twitter’s response to the actual article itself makes clear that these, you know purported allegations are false, and they’re not true,” Brown said. “Glad to see, you know, social media companies like Twitter, taking responsibility to limit misinformation.”

Democratic Nominee Joe Biden has not directly addressed the Post’s report that Hunter attempted to sell his father’s influence to foreign oligarchs in an effort support their own business efforts via American foreign policy. Recently discovered emails allege that as vice president, Biden met Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Biden has repeatedly denied his involvement with Hunter’s business, previously claiming to “have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

“I don’t know what he was doing,” Biden said in a later interview, reinforcing his previous statement. “I know he was on the board. I found out he was on the board after he was on the board, and that was it.”

The original New York Post article, which outlines damning information found on a hard drive reportedly belonging to Hunter, was censored by Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday shortly after it was posted.

Users such as the New York Post, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and even the Trump campaign were suspended from the big tech platform for an unspecified amount of time after attempting to share the link and information in the Post’s article.

While Twitter claimed that the censorship was due to a violation of their private information and hacked materials policies, the company failed to explain the censorship until hours after.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to save face on Wednesday night by admitting that Twitter poorly handled the situation, but did not address Twitter’s actions as an overstep by censoring news from a verified media organization.