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Legacy Media Fall Silent On Bombshell Report Showing Joe Biden Lied About Knowledge Of Son’s Foreign Business

Washington Post Building

CNN, WaPo, and the New York Times, always eager to publish incriminating news on the Trump White House, are now silent on Hunter Biden bombshell.


Any time a legacy paper drops what they call a “bombshell” report on President Donald Trump, one can safely bet it will end up on the front page of every outlet immediately upon publication.

It happened with the Woodward tapes, where the Watergate journalist uncovered comments the president had been making for months. It happened with a report in the Atlantic, where the magazine published a hit piece based solely on anonymous sources making claims only to be contradicted by more than a dozen current and former White House staff, including fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. And it happened with every minor new detail to emerge in the mainstream media’s Russiagate narrative seeking to indict the president as a Russian agent.

When the New York Post dropped an actual bombshell report on Wednesday morning however, exposing that 2020 Democratic presidential nominee repeatedly lied about what he knew of his son’s potentially criminal overseas business activity, legacy outlets so eager to publish incriminating content on the Trump White House have gone silent.

Emails obtained by the Post show correspondence between Hunter Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi, a Ukrainian advisor to Biden’s energy firm Burisma show that contrary to Joe Biden’s claims that he never talked business with his son “or with anyone else,” the vice president at the time was indeed introduced to Pozharskyi by Hunter. Hunter Biden was raking in upwards of $50,000 a month in excess compensation for serving on the board of Burisma while his father served as the “public face” of White House policy towards Ukraine.

“Thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together,” Pozharskyi wrote.

Six hours after the story from the New York Post went live, the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN had not only omitted any mention of the earthshattering revelations from their online homepages, but they had yet to write a single piece mentioning its reporting.

Legacy media’s blind eye to the latest details to emerge in the Biden family’s scandals should come as no surprise however, given that the same outlets downplayed the long-anticipated Senate report last month chronicling the family’s expanding web of conflicts of interest while serving at the upper echelons of government.

While Senate investigators found Hunter Biden personally took $3.5 million from an ex-Moscow mayor’s wife, accused Hunter Biden of making payments to sex-trafficked hookers, and flagged several transactions with foreign agents as potential criminal activity that included Joe Biden’s brother James, the long-anticipated report that wrapped up a three-year investigation was given little weight by the media that also took fake allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh as face value.

“Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden,” headlined the New York Times.

“GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position in Ukraine ‘problematic’ but doesn’t show it changed US policy,” headlined another in the Washington Post.

CNN’s evening programs meanwhile, completely ignored the Senate’s revelations which also found Hunter Biden’s firm paid a $7 million bribe to Ukrainian officials to shut down a government investigation.

To complement legacy media’s operation to protect Joe Biden three weeks before the November election, Facebook announced it would censor the story from the New York Post until “independent” fact-checkers verified its claims.

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley demanded the social media giant explain its preemptive censorship.

“I want to know on what grounds you are actively censoring a news report about potentially illegal corruption by the Democrat candidate for president,” Hawley wrote to Facebook on Twitter. “If you have evidence this is ‘disinformation,’ disclose it immediately. Expect a formal inquiry from my office.”