Hollywood Struggles To Overcome The Pandemic, As Well As Its Own Woke Agenda

Hollywood Struggles To Overcome The Pandemic, As Well As Its Own Woke Agenda

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Editor-In-Chief of the Hollywood In Toto website Christian Toto joins Ben Domenech to discuss the absence of Hollywood entertainment during the pandemic and it’s slow creep back to life. They also examine the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s diversity and political agendas.

While Hollywood loves to pretend that they care about certain political and social issues, Toto explains that they do not equally apply this scrutiny such as in Disney’s choice to film Mulan outside of Uyghur concentration camps in China, but the to potentially not film in Georgia over a pro-life bill.

Toto also claims that if Hollywood executives were truly operating on an agenda of diversity and wokeness, conservatives would fall into those categories that contain frequently oppressed groups in the production world.

“You can never be woke enough. No matter how far you go, its never enough. You have to go further,” Toto said.

Between the pandemic, stars’ support for riots, and Netflix’s new and improved content selection, Toto isn’t sure that a return to theaters will be triumphant or normal.

“I think that celebrities could’ve used these past few months to drop their hardcore political messaging and been more inclusive, had been more friendly, and more outreaching in the community…If they had taken that message, it could’ve been more productive,” Toto explained, saying that instead, celebrities chose to buy into social wokeness and mocked people for believing differently than they did.

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