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Media Accuse Trump Of Hatch Act Violations While Ignoring Democrats’

In the latest episode of media behaving as if history began after January 2017, mainstream news outlets began raising hysteria this week over the Hatch Act.


In the latest episode of legacy media behaving as if history began after January 2017, mainstream news outlets began raising hysteria this week, accusing President Donald Trump of violating the Hatch Act by using the White House as a backdrop for videos featured at Republicans’ virtual convention.

The Hatch Act is a 1939 law widely regarded as unenforceable that prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activities on government time. Events this week caught the attention of media activists unearthing new ways to discredit the Republican president’s convention by charging the White House of violating the early-mid 20th century law.

Several episodes in particular catching scrutiny include Trump’s participation in a citizen naturalization ceremony broadcast at the convention and the signing of an official presidential pardon for a born-again ex-prisoner who launched a non-profit to help former inmates.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also caught criticism from Democrats and media figures for giving his speech while on a trip to Israel, despite the State Department affirming that no government time or resources were dedicated to either preparing or delivering the prime-time address.

“Did President Trump Violate The Hatch Act at the R.N.C.?” inquired a headline in The New York Times, which the paper essentially answered in the affirmative.

“Trump and Pompeo’s disregard for the Hatch Act is business as usual. That’s the problem,” read another “Hot Take” headline in NBC Think.

“Trump’s RNC naturalization ceremony at White House: Tasteless, hollow and probably illegal,” blasted another hostile op-ed in USA Today authored by none other than NeverTrumper Lincoln Project senior adviser Tom Nichols.

Perhaps the richest headline, however, comes from The New Yorker. It reads, “Why Republicans Can Get Away With Violating Laws Democrats Have To Obey.” Never mind that both Kathleen Sebelius and Julian Castro were both found guilty of Hatch Act violations under the Obama administration and the president did nothing about it.

House Democrats have even demanded a federal investigation into the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) role in this week’s naturalization ceremony for potential Hatch Act infractions. Another investigation has been launched this week into Pompeo specifically from none other than Castro’s congressman brother from Texas.

Yet while Democrats and their allies in the media continue to embark on a round of Hatch Act charges against the Trump administration, a dig into the past reveals Democrats employed the same use of the White House as a convention prop in their 2012 montage videos when President Barack Obama was facing re-election.

Education Reel

Kennedy Tribute

Veteran Highlights

Michelle Obama Hype Videos

Economy Reel

Digital Montage

Obama Hype Videos

Biden Hype Video

Bin Laden Accomplishment

Yet Trump-deranged blue checkmarks on Twitter wasted no opportunity to get in on the media’s latest act.

Despite all the above, Daily Beast Senior Editor Molly Jong-Fast still wonders, “Where are the breathless pieces about the president and the Republican Party violating the hatch act?”