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Disgraced CNN Analyst Who Lied About Russian Collusion Smears Sen. Marco Rubio As Communist Collaborator


CNN analyst Asha Rangappa took to Twitter on Tuesday to offer sensationalized and baseless “would have been” accusations about Republican Sen. Marco Rubio becoming a “Castro crony” if he had stayed in Cuba.

“Rubio would have absolutely been a Castro crony. Likely a low-level member of the secret police, the guy people would come and report their neighbors to for not clapping loudly enough at the last Communist rally, then he’d take their rice rations not to ‘write them up’,” Rangappa wrote, all in speculation.

Rangappa, who lied about the Russian collusion hoax, tweeted in response to a thread by Steve Schmidt, a Lincoln Project grifter and anti-Palin Traitor who was banned from John McCain’s funeral, assailing Rubio for his being “a self interested enabler and a collaborator with the indecency he once denounced.”

“Rubio is the type of man who would have stayed in Cuba in 59. He is the type of ambitious young man who would have sensed new opportunities. He is the type of man who would have gladly held Castro’s coat if it helped him rise, just a little. @ProjectLincoln,” he wrote, tagging The Lincoln Project, a NeverTrump political action committee.

The assault by Schmidt seemingly came out of left field after Rubio tweeted poking fun at actress Eva Longoria’s speech on the first night of the DNC Convention

“Brilliant move! No one is more in touch with the challenges & obstacles faced by everyday Americans than actors & celebrities,” Rubio wrote Monday night.

Schmidt also accused Rubio of abandoning immigrants like his parents because “you fear Trump and love your position.”

“Your parents came in ‘56. They weren’t fleeing communism. They were just looking for a better life like the hard working immigrants you have abandoned because you fear Trump and love your position,” Schmidt continued.

Rubio, however, shot back at Schmidt’s thread on Tuesday, accusing him of “political prostitution” and claiming that Schmidt supports Castro sympathizers.

“Schmidt is the type of man who turns to political prostitution. The type of washed up man who sensed new opportunities to make some $. The type of man who gladly supports a party with prominent members who sympathize with Castro because it helps him be relevant, just a little,” he tweeted.