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‘F— Pigs’: Rioters Attack Portland Police Station With Rocks, Set It On Fire

With hundreds of heavily geared rioters involved, the raid on the East Precinct marks the third police building attacked this week.


Demonstrations in Portland again descended into violence as hundreds attacked the city’s East Precinct police station by night. Fire, rocks, and rams were used by rioters in attempts to break into the occupied building, and a truck that appears to have been driven by a demonstrator tried to run over several officers when police arrived to break the siege, police say. A memorial to a fallen police officer was also defaced.

The events met mostly silence from corporate media.

The night began with hundreds marching towards the precinct late Wednesday night, police say. Eyewitnesses say the rioters used vehicles to block off roads around the station, then began vandalizing the building with anti-police slogans, including “F-ck pigs” and “FTP,” which stands for “F-ck the police.” Security cameras were quickly disabled. Videos of the opening have been released by Post Millennial journalist Andy Ngo, who has been covering Portland’s riots for weeks.

Later videos show officers were inside the building during the attack.

Once the cameras were disabled, videos show the rioters began tearing down protective barriers surrounding the building, then hammering against the exposed glass with rocks the size of shot putts, boards, and other unidentified tools. Lasers were used to blind officers inside, and a fire was set against the building’s protective entrance after rioters failed to gain entry through physical force.

A riot was declared shortly after the attempts began.

Heavily geared police arrived to break up the attack, but met fierce resistance. Rioters lobbed “rocks the size of shot-puts,” commercial-grade fireworks, and other projectiles at the officers, whom the police say used tear gas and “crowd control munitions” in return. During the conflict, police say a truck associated with the demonstrators attempted to run over several of the officers.

Some of the rioters appeared to have been sporting Antifa symbols.

Since federal agents largely left the city, rioters have moved to targeting police officers and police buildings. Another city building used by police was attacked on Monday, while the Portland Police  Association headquarters was hit and set ablaze on Wednesday morning.

Corporate media has been largely silent on the continuing riots. For weeks, media and Democrat politicians have asserted that the violence was only caused by the presence of federal agents. Some went as far as to declare themselves vindicated and insist the movement was now peaceful — while police and federal buildings were attacked and set on fire.

The attacks come in the midst of a historic homicide surge in the city. According to the police association, there have been 366 shootings so far in Portland this year, which is already about the amount the city suffered in all of 2019.

The association attributes the sudden spike to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s decision to “defund” the police. Spending on law enforcement was slashed, and the city’s gun violence reduction team was disbanded.