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Biden Asks Black Reporter If He’s A Junkie On Cocaine

“That’s like saying before you got on this program did you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not huh? Are you a junkie?” Biden said.


When a CBS News correspondent on a Yahoo! News panel asked presidential candidate Joe Biden if he was ever tested for “cognitive decline,” Biden dodged the question by asking the black reporter whether or not he took a drug test before participating in the panel.

“That’s like saying before you got on this program did you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not huh? Are you a junkie?” he said while laughing.

Despite previously claiming that he is “constantly tested” for cognitive decline and even challenging President Trump to compare results on an IQ test, Biden enthusiastically denied that he needed testing and that he was ever tested. 

“No, I haven’t taken the test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on man,” he said. 

Some pointed out that Biden’s blatant lie about being “constantly tested” should receive “fair coverage” from corporate media.

“Joe Biden said on June 30 to Fox’s Doug McKelway that [sic] he is being tested ‘constantly.’ Fair coverage of Biden throughout cable news would entail playing this soundbite juxtaposed with what the presumptive Democratic nominee defiantly said today when actually asked about it by CBS,” one reporter tweeted.

The CBS reporter ignored Biden’s response and proceeded with another question, asking Biden his thoughts on Trump bragging about his own cognitive test, but Biden’s answers grew increasingly more odd as he stumbled over his words trying to communicate that he is capable of debating Trump.  

“If [Trump] can’t figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” Biden said “Did you watch that- look, come on man. I know you’re trying to goad me but I’m so forward looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president and debate. There’s going to be plenty of time.”

Biden also stopped himself from saying something he “probably shouldn’t say.”

“And by the way, as I joked with him, you know- I shouldn’t say it. I’m going to say something I probably shouldn’t say,” he stopped himself.

Biden concluded by claiming that he is “very willing” to let people make their own assessment about his health and functionality. 

“I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical mental, my physical as well as my mental fitness and to make judgement about who I am,” he stated while tripping over his own words. 

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