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Fake News King Chris Cuomo Asks If We Can Trust GOP Governor, Ignores Brother’s Deadly Failures

Cuomo brothers

In a tone-deaf, counterfactual, and predictably partisan tweet Monday morning, CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to dunk on Florida’s Republican governor for his handling of the Wuhan virus response.


In a tone-deaf, counterfactual, and predictably partisan tweet Monday morning, CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to dunk on Florida’s Republican governor for his Wuhan virus response. Cuomo’s commentary is laughable, especially in light of how he has treated one other governor in particular.

After ABC News reported Monday that Florida reported its first daily case count below 9,000 in two weeks, Cuomo quoted the tweet and quipped, “Can we trust the data from florida’s governor?”

Notwithstanding instances of false pandemic reporting out of Florida making the COVID-19 problem appear worse than it is, it’s curious that Cuomo would focus on that particular governor when his own brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, issued an executive order that sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes to recover alongside the most vulnerable populations. This lethal order resulted in more than 6,000 deaths.

At the beginning of May, New York State’s Department of Health quietly changed its coronavirus reporting rules, undercounting the number of deaths resulting from the nursing home policy. Where are the tweets inquiring about that governor’s trustworthiness?

Now, just as Chris Cuomo has largely ignored those fatalities in favor of partisan Twitter attacks, the other Cuomo is refusing to take responsibility for the nursing home deaths, calling questions about the lethal policy “politically motivated.”

Chris Cuomo isn’t the only media personality downplaying New York’s COVID-19 deaths while blasting Republican leaders for the numbers in their states. Others at CNN and in the rest of the mainstream media have consistently carried water for Democrats, propping up their failed pandemic responses while depicting conservative leaders as villainous β€” a conclusion simply not supported by the facts.

For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control, per 100,000 people, 279.8 people died of the virus in New York City alone, with 79.1 per 100,000 people dying from COVID-19 in the rest of state. In Florida, that number is 27.5.

And what about mask mandates? Can Chris Cuomo “trust” his brother to abide by his own guidance?

The fact that Chris Cuomo can be bothered to question only Republican governors about their pandemic efforts is understandable, however, when one considers how much time he spends yucking it up with his brother on CNN, in a clear conflict of interest. It would be a shame if the Cuomo brothers’ recurring CNN shtick had to take a back seat to real, hard-hitting journalistic questions that advance the public interest.

If Chris Cuomo wants to deliberate about a source’s trustworthiness, maybe he should look in the mirror. After all, this is the same Chris Cuomo who back in April staged a fake quarantine emergence on CNN after contracting the virus and then breaking his own brother’s guidelines for “essential travel.”

As The Federalist’s Emily Jashinsky noted at the time: “We know three things: Cuomo was diagnosed with the virus on March 31. He left his home to visit another property on April 12, at least a 30-minute drive from his home. On April 21, he aired ‘the official reentry’ from his basement on CNN. That’s the definition of fake news.”