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The Twitter Mob Wants Mary Hart’s Cutout Removed From Dodger Stadium

As a dedicated Dodgers fan and longtime season ticket holder, Hart bought a cutout of herself in the front row. Angry Twitter users want her removed.


Mary Hart, the 1970 Miss South Dakota and former longtime host of “Entertainment Tonight,” is the latest victim of cancel culture after first being attacked for her appearance at Trump’s Mount Rushmore Independence Day Speech, and now for her cardboard cut out at Dodger Stadium.

When Hart introduced Gov. Kristi Noem at the July Fourth celebration, she held up two “OK” symbols with her hands referring to the “incredible audience” at the Mount Rushmore event. People accused Hart, a Trump supporter and donor, of holding up a “white power” symbol.

Hart responded to the accusations in disbelief: 

“A white supremacist symbol? Are you kidding me? I would never use one and never knew that the ‘okay’ sign was anything but positive. My South Dakota parents instilled in me to respect everyone and that means everyone, no matter their skin color or religion. I was invited to my home state of South Dakota to introduce my friend, Gov. Kristi Noem, which I did. And I was proud to be at our great shrine of democracy, Mt. Rushmore.”

Due to the coronavirus, fans are no longer allowed to watch baseball from the stands this season, so the Dodgers and other teams have been offering fans the ability to buy a life size cardboard cutout of themselves to be placed in the stands to have a “presence” at the games. 

As a dedicated Dodgers fan and longtime season ticket holder, Hart bought a cutout of herself in the front row. Hart’s name became a trending topic on social media after Twitter users watching Thursday game began calling for the Dodgers to remove Hart’s cutout.

One angry user wrote, “Why is Mary Hart’s cutout at Dodger Stadium? @Dodgers @LosAngeleno @mlb @LosAngelesToday Just want to remind you she was throwing out the wp hands signs recently. I knw u remember… Here’s a pic to jog yr memory…remove her, please. Her rhetoric has no place in our house.”

Another person said, “Can someone on the @Dodgers go spit on the Mary Hart cutout after her hosting performance at Trump’s Mt. Rushmore MAGA debacle?”

Those defending Hart pointed to the fact that Left-wing darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently used the “OK” sign: “Right?? Enough of these white supremacists and their hateful hand signs!” 

Others fired back at the “OK” sign conspiracy, “It’s an “ok” sign. Take your f**king leftist politics out of sports. Some people just want to watch a ballgame without being confronted with whether the pitcher or catcher care about eco-sexual-afrocentric-veganism. IT’S. A. GAME.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers have not yet said whether they will remove the cut out of super-fan Mary Hart.