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The Democrat Party Is Destroying America


Hillary Clinton once said we could not be civil with a political party that wants to destroy American values. She has a point.

It’s high time Americans throw out politicians who promote mob anarchists, the destruction of law and order, disgrace American heritage, delegitimize our institutions, abuse government power, exploit past injustices, and sow division in an all-encompassing 21st century cultural revolution. Where the stakes are high, so too are the demands to save America from the tyranny of the Jacobin thought police on the cusp of a takeover of the Democratic Party pledging a radical nationwide transformation.

Four years after Donald Trump’s triumphant victory, Democrats have done everything in their power to undermine the Trump presidency, degrading government credibility and eroding trust in the political process. They’ve attacked the legitimacy of the Electoral College. They’ve labeled the election rigged.

They’ve claimed Trump’s victory was a product of “fake news.” They’ve charged Russia with hacking the electoral contest while calling on electors to do it themselves and overturn the democratic result. At the same time, they’ve helped Russian President Vladimir Putin achieve the primary goal of his U.S. election interference to “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process.”

This was all before Trump took office.

On inauguration day, Democratic members boycotted the hallmark event celebrating the peaceful transition of power and defamed the integrity of U.S. elections. Moments after the official oath, the Washington Post ran a headline providing a grim preview of what was to follow and a glimpse into how Trump Derangement Syndrome would become the first pandemic to impede progress on the president’s legislative agenda, an agenda voters demanded.

“The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun,” the Post wrote. And the campaign indeed stretched for years, the foundations of which were kicked off well before Trump’s election featuring deep-state operatives weaponizing the U.S. intelligence agencies to overthrow the American president.

While ultimately a failure, the journey to impeachment irreparably harmed trust in American institutions and distracted leaders from real threats overseas.

As the coronavirus pandemic was brewing in China, Democrats were nearing the climax of their four-year impeachment saga. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was withholding the articles from the upper chamber to extract concessions from Republican leaders for a Senate trial. Months later, Democrats and leftist pundits such as Jennifer Rubin then had the audacity to charge Trump and Republicans with having “blood on their hands.” One has to wonder how many lives could have been saved had the federal government been better prepared at dealing with the virus because Congress and the White House had not been forced to entertain a pointless impeachment.

With four months to go until election day, Democrats are still chasing dreams of ousting the president through impeachment, and the media is running amok breathing new life into long-expired conspiracy theories in a desperate attempt to pin Trump as a Kremlin agent.

When they weren’t busy chasing tales of fantasy collusion with deep-state operatives, they were harnessing their power over legacy media to derail Trump’s Supreme Court nominees while wreaking havoc on institutional norms and eroding the presumption of innocence, one of the most important principles of western law. They withheld what they characterized as incriminating information, and launched unsubstantiated allegations while the press called for grand structural change and the packing of the Supreme Court to favor pre-determined outcomes over objective jurisprudence.

Now Democrats are relishing in a new 21st-century cultural revolution after having capitalized on liberal academia for decades breeding aggressively woke children who have now permeated the leadership of the nation’s institutions. Statues celebrating American patriotism are being desecrated and vilified as relics of white supremacy. Anarchists are erecting “autonomous zones” in major cities. Democrats are heeding calls to “defund police” at a time they’re needed the most.

One might criticize this article for its generalizations. These are. But make no mistake, these generalizations have now manifested themselves into a new reality.

According to a new Quillette survey released last month, 70 percent of self-identifying liberals want to rewrite the U.S. Constitution “to a new Americans constitution that better reflects our diversity as a people.” Based on historic frameworks for affirmative action and recent demands for a new modern era of enhanced segregation, a reasonable person might be able to accurately predict what that constitution might look like.

The same survey found 44 percent of liberals want to blow up Mount Rushmore. According to the Democratic Party, that doesn’t sound like an insane idea.

To be clear, this is not calling for abandoning civility, as Clinton suggested, so please don’t punch a Democrat. And please don’t riot. Rather, it is an indictment of Democratic conduct in the Trump era meant to reveal the extent of what is at stake while Republicans struggle to mount a emphatical response to the cultural crisis.

Democrats are not evil people. Some of my best friends are Democrats, and so are close family members. I take it personally when others launch hateful attacks. But the deep distain for the country coming from the party is destroying the America as we know it, bringing with its self-inflicted cultural revolution a new world order straight from the text of the French Revolution.

If the modern Democratic Party has its way, the America seen today will become unrecognizable sooner than we think. Let’s not forget that someone got fired for saying “all lives matter” last month.