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As The Left Storms The Ramparts, What Are You Prepared To Do About It?

If we are to regroup and figure out a way to turn the tide, we have to first acknowledge the precariousness of the situation, and ask ourselves about the root causes.


The left’s rout is on. Its foot soldiers are swarming every level of society.

The Americans who still love this country and believe in its founding principles are facing an existential struggle, the depths of which many are now only realizing, and the lengths to which we will have to go to survive many could not have fathomed.

Like many of the lower courts, our Supreme Court is daily making a mockery of the Constitution and eviscerating the rule of law, over issues that should have never cropped up in the first place. It is proving we are a nation of men, not of laws now. That is a leftist principle regardless of whether those applying it come clad in robes of “conservatism.”

After usurping all of our liberties at once, most state and local “authorities” relinquished them to a chosen few in the mob, prior stated concerns for public health be damned, because political correctness trumps all else for them. They abdicated their authority, just like the courts said to hell with law and order, and left the law-abiding defenseless.

Most importantly, a Maoist-French hybrid cultural revolution is going on in our streets, our businesses, and even within our families, aided, abetted, and enabled by the dupes and useful idiots among our elites. They wish to snuff out any and all dissent; to excommunicate you from public life.

During these events, the left is dictating the national meta-narrative. There is no Resistance to The Resistance. The assault is overwhelming, and aimed at demoralizing.

If we are to regroup and figure out a way to turn the tide, we have to first acknowledge the precariousness of the situation, and ask ourselves about the root causes. What we are witnessing is not the consequence of some cringe-inducing appointments, or craven politicians and corporate executives, or crazed kids bowing down to the secular anti-religion of Wokedom, engaged in a collective performative temper tantrum.

These are all symptoms. They are manifestations of the core problem of our culture.

You cannot name a problem in America today that does not stem from it: Not the Supreme Court’s asinine decisions. Not the legislative branch’s chicanery, and cowardice in kicking law to the Supreme Court or the administrative state; nor the executive branch’s being overrun and undermined by said administrative state.

Not the abdication of state and local elected officials to the mob. Not Big Tech’s tyranny. Not the media’s corruption. Not the schools—many of them indoctrination factories churning out individuals who matriculate into the critical institutions that govern our lives.

Ask yourself: If these institutions were comprised of individuals imbued with traditional Judeo-Christian and Western values and principles, and truly educated to be productive and patriotic citizens—raised by two loving and dedicated parents inculcating the same—would we be in such dire straits today?

If you do not have a virtuous people, all else fails. In 2020 we are witnessing what feels like the culmination of these failures. At the same time, things can get much worse. After all, what was unimaginable on January 1 is now routine on June 19.

Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have pervaded every institution because they have pervaded every part of our culture. We are reaping the poisonous fruits.

We face many near and medium-term challenges. But in so doing, we will merely be grappling with the consequences of the initial failure in our culture.

The biggest question lovers of this country have to answer is: How do we change this culture? Each and every one of us will have to ask of ourselves: What are you prepared to do?