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Top Obama Official Endorses White Senator Who Wanted To Put Black People ‘Back In Chains’


A top Obama White House official endorsed GOP Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, whom Democrats characterized in 2012 as a homophobic, racist animal abuser.


Former eight-year senior adviser to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, celebrated Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney’s marching with “Black Lives Matter” protesters Sunday after the Obama campaign charged in 2012 that Romney would put black people “back in chains.”

“Welcome to the right side of history, @SenatorRomney. I hope your leadership inspires your Republican colleagues to do the same,” Jarrett wrote on Twitter.

That’s quite a change in tone from how the Obama campaign characterized Romney eight years earlier, as the former Massachusetts governor led the GOP ticket challenging Obama’s re-election.

“They’re going to put you all back in chains,” then-Vice President Joe Biden said to a diverse crowd in Virginia in August 2012, according to CBS News.

Far from the only patently unfair attack Democrats lodged at the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Obama super PAC Priorities USA also tied Romney to a woman’s death from cancer.

As Romney was wrapping up the presidential nomination in March, he was also accused of bullying a gay kid in prep school and being an animal abuser.

Now that Romney appears to have joined the ranks of those seeking to “defund police,” after being the sole Republican to vote in favor of Trump’s conviction during impeachment, the freshman senator seems to have drawn the admiration of those who once breathlessly characterized him as a homophobic racist.