The ‘Demonic’ Source Of Our Global Fear, And The Lesson Liberty-Loving People Must Remember About Our ‘Hostile Government’

The ‘Demonic’ Source Of Our Global Fear, And The Lesson Liberty-Loving People Must Remember About Our ‘Hostile Government’


There’s something to the fear, the panic, the anger, and the destruction. Something powerful driving it, and not “just the media or some ‘conspiracy of globalists,'” Washington, D.C.’s Monsignor Charles Pope tells The Federalist Radio Hour.

“There’s an old ‘God of the Gaps’ argument where atheists are always saying every time a Christian can’t figure something out they just attribute to God or to the Devil,” Pope continues. “I’m not just trying to go to a ‘God of the Gaps,’ but it’s hard to explain how something has caught fire like this on merely human wings.”

Pope is the pastor of Holy Comforter – St. Cyprian Catholic Church on Capitol Hill, the host of “Morning Glory” on EWTN Radio, an active blogger, and a Catholic columnist. “I’m less believing in conspiracies,” he says, “because we human beings are too disorganized, too stupid to do really good conspiracies (I mean really good ones), but this is worldwide.”

“I am just astonished at the amount of fear that is so gripping, and the fact that people are willing to shut down entire economies right now in this country. As we speak I think there’s about 50 million people who filed for unemployment and we have about 70,000 deaths, which is very tragic, but on the other hand so are these people whose livelihoods, whose whole life, whose ability to support their families and use their gifts, run their restaurant or run their business, have been just harmed deeply and all the social ills that go with that. And this seems to be all because we seem to be utterly terrified of a virus that could kill a certain number of us but most people will actually recover. I am just astonished. And as a Catholic priest, I look at this and I think first of all it is so worldwide, and second of all it is so over the top, if you ask me, that is see demonic origins in it as well, as human foibles.”

“What human being could possibly organize such a gripping fear that would make people surrender liberties and hunker down and really fear what is basically a situation that we’ve faced all of our lives, that there are viruses, bacteria, that life is risky… We take risks all the time, life is filled with risk… and yet all of a sudden this one thing just has completely shut down. … How could this take fire throughout the world? So that is why I attribute it to more than just human things so even if you don’t believe in a world of demons and other influences, I just wonder how could something so worldwide have happened? Maybe it’s just the media or some ‘conspiracy of globalists’ but who could they be and how are they that smart and that powerful and that influential?”

In wide-ranging interview, Pope spoke to society’s attack on Christianity, the absence of leadership in civil or religious society, the downsides to popularity, and the “two Americas, two experiences” that separate the elites from their countrymen.

And of course, we find out if he’s seen HBO’s “The Young Pope.”

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Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, the vice chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a board member at the National Journalism Center, and the author of The Art of the Donald. Follow him on Twitter.
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