New Poll Provides Window Into The Pandemic’s Impact On Gen Z

New Poll Provides Window Into The Pandemic’s Impact On Gen Z


Young America’s Foundation (YAF) spokesman Spencer Brown joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Staff Editor Madeline Osburn to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic will effect Generation Z.

The trio discusses a study conducted by YAF and The Federalist which surveyed American high school and college students on coronavirus, school, ideology, values, and technology. The results show coronavirus changed nearly half of all U.S. college students’ post-graduation plans and that students are far more interested in making money than starting families.

Jashinsky and Brown dig into what the data says about how teens and college students view the local and federal governments’ response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“One thing that we know for sure in these uncertain times is that moments in history, like the pandemic that we’re experiencing right now, have the power to shape generations of young people in their formative years. Not just for the immediate future, but for decades and decades to come,” Jashinsky said.

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