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So You Made A Joke On Twitter And Now It’s A Federal Case

New Civil Liberties Alliance lawyers Mark Chenoweth and Adi Dynar break down the NLRB’s case against Ben Domenech and The Federalist.



On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, host Ben Domenech is joined by Mark Chenoweth and Adi Dynar, his lawyers at New Civil Liberties Alliance.

In 2019, after employees at Vox Media Inc. staged a walkout demanding a new collective bargaining agreement, Domenech tweeted a joke about the progressive media company’s union.

“FYI @fdrlst first one of you tries to unionize I swear I’ll send you back to the salt mine,” Domenech tweeted.

The joke turned serious when a left-wing lawyer and leftist writer filed formal complaints with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Neither of the two who filed the complaint have any connection to The Federalist.

In this episode Domenech, Chenoweth, and Dynar dive into the lawsuit, the timeline of the case, and what this means for free speech.

Listen here: