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Victory Lap Continues At First Post-Impeachment Trump Rally

In his first post-impeachment rally, Trump traveled to New Hampshire to remind voters about the results of the impeachment sham that concluded last week. 


In his first post-impeachment rally, President Trump traveled to Manchester, New Hampshire to remind voters about the outcome of the impeachment sham that concluded early last week.

Trump’s supporters were lining up early in the day to get in. The rally was filled to capacity, and some supporters never made it inside to see the president.

The theme centered on his acquittal from office and trashing the Democratic Party in the lead-up to the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 11. Here were the three biggest moments from Trump’s first post-impeachment rally.

1. Trump Was Acquitted

Trump met a cheering audience when he announced he has been acquitted by the Senate.

“The day after my [State of the Union] address, our good Republicans in the United States Senate voted to reject the outrageous, partisan impeachment hoax and to issue a full, complete, absolute, and total acquittal,” Trump said.

Trump then reminded his audience that Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah did not vote to acquit. The audience booed after Trump announced Romney’s name.

2. Trump Trashed the Iowa Caucuses

While trashing the Democrats’ “Medicare for All” plan to expand an already bankrupt program, Trump also took a stab at the Democrats’ failure at the Iowa Caucuses.

“The Democrats party wants to run your health care, but they can’t even run a caucus in Iowa,” Trump said. “Flip a coin! They’re gonna run your health care.”

Trump also explained the disastrous “Medicare for All” proposal and how it would kick 180 million Americans off of their health care plans.

3. Trump Took a Victory Lap

Similar to his State of the Union address, Trump took a victory lap about his success in the past four years. He touted his economic and foreign policy achievements while reminding voters Democrats were impeaching and attacking him while he brought this success.

“While the extreme left has been wasting America’s time with this vile hoax, we’ve killing terrorists, creating jobs, raising wages, enacting fair trade deals, securing our borders, and lifting up citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed,” Trump said.