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Not Even Judge Judy Agrees With Michael Bloomberg On Guns

“I have always felt that the bad guys will always get guns. I was involved in criminal justice for a quarter of a century,” Sheindlin said.


Celebrity TV Judge Judith Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy, continued her endorsement tour for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Monday with an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

When asked by conservative co-host Meghan McCain whether Sheindlin agreed with a Bloomberg statement on guns that only law enforcement officers should carry in crowded places and decide when to shoot, Sheindlin ruled in opposition and distanced herself from the radical idea. Just last month, an armed citizen in a Texas church shot down an a gunman attempting to massacre the congregation.

“I am not a Michael Bloomberg surrogate,” Sheindlin said. “We may not agree on everything. I have always felt that the bad guys will always get guns. I was involved in criminal justice for a quarter of a century before I got this great gig that I have now.”

Sheindlin went on to note that she and her husband Jerry used to carry firearms themselves for protection. The TV judge also argued she often felt safer walking around late at night with her husband Jerry knowing that he was carrying armed protection. Sheindlin was clear to add however, that she remains opposed to public possession of firearms with high-capacity magazines.

“I personally don’t think that anybody in this country needs a gun that’s capable of shooting 100 rounds in 60 seconds,” Sheindlin said on the show.

Gun control however, has been a signature issue of Bloomberg’s who has spent much of the last decade advocating for stricter gun laws. In 2013, Bloomberg started the non-profit Everytown for Gun Safety to lead the mayor’s efforts on gun control across the country.

On Monday, Sheindlin appeared in her first Bloomberg campaign ad touting her endorsement for the former New York City mayor kicking off the 77-year-old celebrity judge’s public campaigning for Democratic candidate.

Sheindlin, who typically shies away from making political endorsements began pushing for Bloomberg last fall weeks before the mayor even announced serious intention for a late entrance into the race.

While Sheindlin argued that she was not a Bloomberg surrogate on “The View,” the celebrity TV judge is certainly acting as one by participating in prominent media appearances and is expected to join Bloomberg for a campaign stop in Texas this weekend.

A 2013 Reader’s Digest survey shows that more Americans trust Judge Judy than they do any Supreme Court justice. Another survey published in 2016 reveals that nearly 10 percent of college graduates believe Judge Judy is a Supreme Court justice.