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Joe Gorga Is 2019’s Most Inspiring Man On Instagram


I’ll always remember 2019 as the year Joe Gorga turned his Instagram into a timeless mosaic of inspirational quotes.

Sometime last winter, the telegenic husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga discovered the power of superimposing generic motivational sayings over photographs of himself looking muscular and stoic. His skills have only improved with each passing month.

Sometimes, Gorga’s motivational posts come not with a selfie but a stock image, like this provocative graphic of a shark in a fish bowl encouraging followers to #growwithgorga.

It’s an art, really. Below you’ll find a list of Gorga’s most powerful motivational Instagram posts from 2019. Give Joe a follow while you’re at it. He just might change your life. (And pay attention to the hashtags. They add really important context.)

1. This beautiful acrostic

2. His very blunt relationship advice

3. Joe’s definition of maturity

4. This image of him in a chair, staring into the distance, inexplicably hashtagged #realestatetips

5. A poem

6. There’s no real way to describe what’s happening here

7. This dramatic ellipses

8. This intense depiction of the #hustle

9. This appearance by Melissa

10. This powerful reimagining of Barack Obama’s official portrait

11. This look of surprise

12. Joe’s very casual chalkboard photo op

13. This t-shirt art

14. -Joe Gorga, Michael Scott, Wayne Gretzky

15. This image of Joe braving the cold to bring us life advice

16. This carefully inverted pyramid

17. This important asterisk

18. Joe’s description of real estate

19. This post-meal glow

Thank you, Joe! We couldn’t have done 2019 without you.