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FBI Blows Off Senators’ Request On Materials Related To Ukrainian DNC Contractor In 2016

Johnson Grassley FBI photo

Johnson and Grassley gave the FBI a Dec. 9 deadline to meet their demands to hand over information related to a cyberattack on the DNC.


The FBI ignored Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin’s requests last month for information related to former Democratic National Committee (DNC) contractor and her efforts to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign from Ukrainian officials.

In November, Johnson and Grassley gave the FBI a Dec. 9 deadline to meet their demands to hand over information found over the course of an investigation into a cyberattack on the DNC.

Politico reported in 2016 that Chalupa met with a government official from the Ukrainian embassy for damaging information on the Trump campaign. Later that year, Yahoo News reported that Chalupa was the target of a cyberattack while she was working at the DNC prompting FBI investigators to question Chalupa and take digital forensic images of her computer and smartphone.

“If this reporting is accurate, it appears that the DOJ and FBI have in their possession material relevant to our Committees’ ongoing investigation into collusive actions Chalupa and the DNC took to use foreign government sources to undermine the Trump campaign during the 2016 election,” Grassley and Johnson wrote to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

According to a Taylor Foy, a spokesman for Grassley’s office, the FBI has yet to respond to the senators’ demands for interview notes and the materials related to Chalupa’s devices.

The senators’ requests to the FBI came in the midst of House impeachment proceedings centering on President Donald Trump and his dealings with Ukraine. Democrats and the media have alleged Trump conspired with his Ukrainian counterpart to interfere in the next election by investigating the Biden family in exchange for the release of nearly $400 million in military aid being withheld in an apparent “quid pro quo.” The aid however, was ultimately released and the Ukrainian president has denied knowledge of any such arrangement. Further, an unredacted transcript of the phone call declassified and released to the public reveals no scheme to pressure the Ukraine government into investigating political rivals.

Instead, the transcript shows President Trump requesting Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky investigate the origins of its involvement in peddling the Russia hoax in the United States and root out corruption in his own country.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, served on the board of a Ukrianian energy company earning $50,000 a month without any prior experience in the industry while Joe Biden was dictating U.S. policy towards Ukraine.

A Federalist analysis of Hunter Biden’s compensation reveals the former vice president’s son made far more than comparable compensation packages to board members of other companies.

Ukraine’s involvement in pushing Russigate is well-documented. Grassley and Johnson’s demands for more information from the FBI on the issue would shed further light in the public’s interest on Ukraine’s election meddling in 2016.