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Steele Dossier Peddled Insane Conspiracy Theory That American Jews Were Secret Russian Spies

FBI Christopher Steele dossier

The debunked Steele Dossier at the heart of the Russian hoax peddled a conspiracy theory that Jewish Americans of Russian descent served as Russian agents.


The widely discredited Steele Dossier at the heart of the Russian collusion hoax peddled an insane conspiracy theory about how Russians were convincing Jewish Americans of Russian descent to download malicious malware on American computers.

On page five in the third paragraph of the dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele wrote that agents of the FSB, the Russian Federal Security Service, were approaching Russian-Jewish-Americans who worked in the IT industry to conduct covert operations.

“In terms of the FSB’s recruitment of capable cyber operatives to carry out its, ideally deniable, offensive cyber operations, a Russian IT specialist with direct knowledge reported in June 2016 that this was often done using coercion and blackmail,” Steele wrote. “In terms of ‘foreign’ agents, the FSB was approaching US citizens of Russian (Jewish) origin on business trip to Russia.”

If true, which it’s not, evidenced by the fact that the entire DNC-funded dossier has been proven to be junk intelligence used by deep-state FBI officials to spy on the Trump campaign, then tech companies owned and operated in part by Jewish citizens would have been subjected to disaster.

The dossier served as the basis for the grand Russian conspiracy theory peddled by Democrats and the media to reverse the results of the 2016 election. Earlier this week, a new report from the intelligence community inspector general on the renewal of FISA warrants for FBI spying on the Trump campaign highlighted the corrupt nature of the entire operation alleging Russian collusion, including knowledge of FBI officials that the dossier was fault intelligence while still using it to gain permission to continue its investigation.

On Wednesday, the Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified on the contents of the report before lawmakers in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Horowitz made clear that while the primary conclusion of his team’s investigation was that no political bias motivated the renewal of FISA applications for Trump campaign surveillance, which was not supported in the report’s findings, that the 400-page report does not in any way “vindicate” anyone who was a part of the process, including former FBI Director James Comey.