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Impeachment Is Just Another Word For Delusional Democrats Holding The Nation Hostage

Adam Schiff

Democrat’s impeachment inquiry is more than merely “boring.” It’s also an abuse of their power. They’re forcing us to watch “Groundhog Day: Overturn The 2016 Election” for three years straight because they refuse to accept that in America, the people are the sovereign, not the deep state Democrats control.

Democrats have made it clear they will sandbag the people we’ve elected to govern if we refuse to vote for Democrats. Heads they win, tails we lose. Either we vote for them, or be stuck in an endless parade of overcredentialed and underaccomplished finger-waggers until we’re browbeaten into staying home from elections after concluding that it doesn’t matter who we vote for, the left always wins.

Impeachment grand master Rep. Adam Schiff said it openly on Tuesday: Unless Democrats impeach President Trump, Democrats will consider the 2020 election illegitimate, just like they do 2016.

It appears Schiff failed to hear the outcome of a two-year, unlimited-resources special counsel investigation that found Trump’s campaign had not colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. But Schiff doesn’t care about the facts. He cares about winning. If lying makes him win, so be it. It obviously works extremely well for Democrats, a large faction and the leadership of which appears to be as impervious to facts as anti-vaxxers and QAnon followers.

Contra Schiff, Todd, and Nadler, about six in ten Americans think impeachment should be resolved not by Congress, but by voters in the next election. Sixty percent of Americans Politico polled in November said the impeachment inquiry is more important to politicians and the media than it is to them.

On that poll, impeachment ranked 10 out of 11 political priorities voters were polled about, below even addressing climate change. The economy, national security (including border security), and health care are voters’ top three priorities.

It’s Our Congress and We’ll Lie If We Want To

But Democrats don’t seem to care what voters want. Since 2016, Democrats have thrown sand, wrenches, and donkey poo into every gear of government to overturn the results of a free and fair election played by rules (i.e. the Electoral College) known to all in advance. They’ve attempted at every point to undermine the election results and deny the spoils due the victor. Rather than attempting to advance fairly by persuading more people of their ideas, they’ve resorted to unending, underhanded tricks to win despite failing to present a vision for the country that can fairly win a governing majority.

The most constant of these tricks might be the personal smears constantly and thickly applied to everyone on the right. It’s not just Trump who is a racist. Everyone who believes in free markets and equality before the law is a racist. That may sound crazy, but that’s what lefty college students scream at mainstream conservatives constantly, and they aren’t getting these ideas from their own empty brains.

Or try unsupported sexual and other assault charges, as deployed against Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Ted Cruz, and initial Trump nominee for labor secretary Andy Pudzer. Even if there is no evidence for them and evidence against, such accusations will make life hell for the accused, make huge numbers of people suspicious of their accomplishments, and occupy months of congressional resources that they could be using on the people’s business.

Same thing for basic obstruction of judicial nominees: “Since President Donald Trump took office, the… percentage of judicial nominees facing opposition – even a single vote – to confirmation has skyrocketed from the traditional 3 percent to more than 70 percent.”

Then there’s always the good old lawsuit. The left has specialized in suing President Trump’s administration for doing exactly the same things President Obama did, simply in reverse and in closer contact with the law. They’ve also specialized in using biased judges as unelected superlegislatures to impose national dictats: “nationwide injunctions were never employed for the first 175 years of our republic. But… [they] were used 22 times within the president’s first two years in office.”

This has allowed, for one example,  “a single unelected judge appointed by the opposition party [to control] the nation’s immigration policy for now three years despite an election in which the American people voted for a man who promised to reverse that policy to instead follow the actual law.”

It doesn’t stop there, of course. Attorney General William Barr noted “the pursuit of scores of parallel ‘investigations’ through an avalanche of subpoenas” that are “plainly designed to incapacitate the Executive Branch.”

Atop all this are other leftist mobilizations against the people’s decision in 2016: bureaucrats paid by taxpayers contemptuously organizing against their elected boss, the two-year Spygate hoax that appears to comprise the Obama administration using government resources and Soviet-style allegations to spy on their political opposition, and the public harassment of Trump officials to the point of following them into restaurants and their homes screaming, shouting, banging drums, whistling, and shouting threats.

In short, the left’s response to the right scoring a goal in 2016 was to grab the ball and stomp their feet for three years, like the protesters stopping the Yale-Harvard football game to protest climate change. But in Congress, the stakes are a lot higher than football.

To give just one example, while everyone is force-fed impeachment drivel, Congress is busy not passing another regular budget for its 23rd straight year. We’ve been run for a quarter-century on crap-sandwich “continuing resolutions” that are bringing us frighteningly close to curb-stomping the world’s largest economy.

Rachel Bovard points out at American Greatness other things Congress is not doing while impeachment sucks oxygen:

There is also no effort to limit any money going to Planned Parenthood or to pass legislation such as the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

President Trump has requested $5 billion to continue building a wall along the southern border. It goes without saying that Democrats are opposed, but it doesn’t appear that Republicans are prepared to put up much of a fight for the president’s signature priority, either.

Legislators also continue to ignore the fact that Mexico is rapidly descending into a gangland—a problem that Congress could begin to address by designating the cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. But don’t expect that to be included in any spending bill, either.

There is a silver lining to Democrats’ obstruction. In the past century, when Congress has gotten together to “get things done” it has done more harm than good. In Washington DC, “bipartisanship” is the equivalent for conservatives of pointing a cannon at their own ship’s floorboards and firing. “Bipartisanship” means Democrats get half of what they want and Republican voters get screwed.

This good ol’ boys national suicide compact of the last century has produced a legislative vertical asymptote, with socialism as infinity.

Inaction Is Action

Gridlock and inactivity is better than that. Or at least, it will be until our entitlements actually do explode, which is set to begin within seven years. At that point, inaction will no longer be an option.

Bipartisanship as we know it is probably over, and Obamacare probably fired the kill shot. In fact, we may already be past the point on entitlements where not acting equals acting.

The same is true of the southern border, as Mexico also slow-motion implodes. U.S. classrooms where 15 languages are already represented are not going to handle well even more poorly educated non-citizens entitled by court decisions to a taxpayer-provided U.S. education, and that’s just the start of the impending strain on America’s poorly maintained and outdated social infrastructure.

This is unacceptable. It is not the behavior of a party ready to govern.

Democrats are spending their time grandstanding because they’re out of winning ideas. They have only negative ideas — “income inequality,” “collusion,” “white privilege,” “America sucks,” “toxic masculinity,” “socialism” — nothing positive. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s caucus is so crazy left that if they actually passed the laws they want, like with Obamacare, they’d lose elections good and hard. They win more when they do nothing but slime and delegitimize their opponents and keep them in the mud losing, too.

Yet Republicans are also rightfully in the wilderness. They’ve been Democrats’ impressionable little brother for too long, adopting the same ideas but slower, smaller, and cheaper. Their inability to present a robust alternative is another reason to beware them taking power. Why, the last time they had it, just a short year ago, they squandered the golden opportunity of the first House, Senate, and presidency controlled by Republicans since George W. Bush, which until then hadn’t happened in 79 years and was also squandered profligately.

Under Bush, we got garbage like No Child Left Behind, the neverending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, and a massive Medicare expansion. When Republicans retook all houses under Trump, they failed to move legislation they’d been campaigning on for the entirety of President Obama’s tenure (cough cough, Obamacare replacement; Planned Parenthood defunding), not to mention nothing major Trump had campaigned on except a tax cut. Current promises of price controls to “help” with prescription drugs, a surely pork-stuffed “infrastructure” bill, and Republicans’ lame answers to Democrats’ demands for socialized college inspire no confidence, either.

This is unacceptable. It is not the behavior of a party ready to govern. When governing was possible, Republicans diddled. They appear to have no big ideas for future governance, either. Democrats’ unhinged circus is a just punishment for Republicans’ failure to deserve majority votes. It’s long past time for the GOP to figure out what they’re going to do about our nation’s serious problems if they ever win again, and develop the political courage to advance those ideas under fire.