Sean Davis: Anti-Trump Impeachment Theater Is ‘Watergate Cosplay’ For Democrats

Sean Davis: Anti-Trump Impeachment Theater Is ‘Watergate Cosplay’ For Democrats

Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday to recap another day of House Democrats playacting at their partisan, anti-Trump impeachment hearings.

“I think we learned that the Democrats are quite convinced they need to keep going with this Watergate cosplay in Washington,” Davis said. “We learned no new facts. We heard the same stuff we’ve heard over and over again. We saw the same playacting.”

Davis said the only thing he has learned from the House Intelligence Committee’s theater is how committed Democrats are to the farce of impeachment they have been pursuing for three years.

“That’s the central crime of Donald Trump’s presidency, is he had the audacity to beat Hillary Clinton when she was supposed to be ordained and coronated,” he said. “They said they were going to impeach him on day one. The day he was inaugurated they said, ‘Now impeachment begins.’”

Both Democrats and our complicit news media have made it difficult for Americans to take this latest round of impeachment threats seriously after tearing the country apart over a fake Russia collusion narrative for two years.

“They tried it with the Russia collusion hoax. They tried it with the 25th amendment nonsense, and that failed, so now we’re in the third version of their impeachment passion play that we’re all being forced and held hostage to watch,” Davis said.

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