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Gov. Newsom Fiddles With Pointless Gun Restrictions While California Burns

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

With the nation’s widest-ranging so-called ‘red-flag’ law, Newsom is demonstrating he’s more interested in settling political scores and pursuing far-left ideologies than actually governing.


California is literally on fire. Power is being cut to millions. There’s rampant homelessness. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Taxes are among the highest in the nation.

Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom fiddles with guns. Newsom signed a raft of gun control bills, 15 of them to be exact, including limiting law-abiding Californians’ right to buy a gun to just one per month.

Along with the nation’s widest-ranging so-called “red-flag” law that allows nearly anyone to call for seizure of a private citizen’s firearms that even the American Civil Liberties Union won’t support and former governor Jerry Brown rejected, Newsom is demonstrating he’s more interested in settling political scores and pursuing far-left ideologies than actually governing.

California already has among the strictest gun laws in nation. Previous to this, Californians could only buy one handgun per month, with a ten-day-waiting period to pick up the gun once it is purchased and a ban on modern sporting rifles. Earlier this year, the state required background checks to buy ammunition.

The latest gun laws are drawing ire even before the ink has dried on Newsom’s signature. The new laws will:

  • Enact age-based gun bans for adults under the age of 21 who want to purchase centerfire rifles.
  • Ban gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  • Eliminate the state’s $100 cap for concealed-carry permit fees (making the fee limitless).
  • Require “precursor parts” (including unfinished lower receivers, barrels, and triggers) to be sent to a licensed dealer for background checks and fees to be assessed.
  • Expand so-called “red-flag” laws to allow school administrators, employers, and co-workers to petition courts to have firearms confiscated.
  • Expand extreme risk protection orders from one-to-five years, allows courts to issue simultaneous search warrants, eliminating the right to due process.

Even the ACLU, hardly a gun-loving organization, said the last one was too much for them. They said it “poses a significant threat to civil liberties.” Brown, who loved to sign gun control laws, rejected similar legislation twice.

The FBI’s most recent crime report showed, again, that crime continues to drop even as firearms ownership grows. Yet Newsom falsely claims that lawful gun owners are the biggest threat to California’s safety.

Not California gang crime. Not the wildfires raging outside of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and Riverside County. Not the homelessness plaguing urban centers. Not even the state’s power company shutting off electricity to millions. Instead of working on answers Californians need, Newsom is playing a distraction blame game.

Newsom would rather fiddle with repetitive gun laws than tackle the issues facing California. The only thing left would be to turn the lights out, but he’s got that covered too.