Lawrence Keane
Lawrence Keane
Lawrence G. Keane is a senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association.
Virginia Governor Admits His Gun Control Proposals Wouldn’t Have Prevented Shootings

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam confessed to 762 high school seniors visiting Radford University that none of his gun control proposals would have prevented the tragic murders in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Governor Exploits Virginia Beach Tragedy To Attempt Gun Control

Northam is seeking a ban on standard-capacity magazines, modern sporting rifles, suppressors, extreme-risk protection orders, mandatory home storage laws, and more.

John Paul Stevens Doesn’t Object To Heller. He Objects To The Second Amendment

In his new memoir, former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens writes Heller was ‘the most clearly incorrect decision that the Court announced during my tenure on the bench.’

Citigroup Won’t Shoot Straight About Discriminating Against Gun Companies

Citigroup’s getting asked some hard questions about the fiscal sanity of their decision to discriminate against firearms businesses, and their answers aren’t likely to soothe investors.

Why Gun Owners Shouldn’t Be Shut Out Of The Gun Safety Conversation

To help reduce crime, we must discuss gun owners’ responsibilities that come with the exercise of our Second Amendment rights.