Lawrence Keane
Lawrence Keane

Lawrence G. Keane is a senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association.

The Same CDC That Can’t Figure Out What A Man Is Now Wants To ‘Study Guns’

Since committing a crime is a behavior and not a disease, it’s hard to see where the CDC is going to recommend a prophylactic regimen to stop it.

As SCOTUS Takes Up Concealed Carry, Reciprocity’s Time Is Now

It’s time for the U.S. Supreme Court to recognize that the Second Amendment right to ‘keep and bear arms’ does not end arbitrarily at a state’s border.

Democrats To Push Extremist Gun Control Bills Today Without Even A Debate

Congressional Democrats are eager to open the gun control floodgates no matter how unconstitutional or ineffective their ‘solutions’ may be.

How The Left Tries To Trick Gun Owners Into Supporting Gun Control

Fake pro-gun groups like ‘Gun Owners for Safety’ are always smokescreens for the same, tired gun control agenda of Giffords, the Brady Campaign, and others like them.

Joe Biden Crassly Capitalizes On Cop-Killing Attempt For Gun Control

If Joe Biden has his way, we’ll be left with a disarmed America, rendered helpless against the criminals he refuses to confront.

SCOTUS Gun Case Denials Signal Conservative Justices Don’t Trust Roberts With The Second Amendment

The fact that four justices who complained that the court needed to hear Second Amendment cases passed on 10 chances to do so tells us much about the court’s ‘swing vote.’

Gov. Northam Can’t Help Himself, Picks Gun Control Over Virus Control

Virginia taxpayers would be better off if Northam focused on blunting the effects of the Wuhan virus rather than pushing symbolic gun control programs.

It’s Not Coronavirus Reviving Wildlife, It’s Hunters

Suggesting that about six weeks of human lockdown created a wildlife baby boom ignores basic biology and the role of the hunter-conservationist in wildlife recovery.

Democrat Governors Back Off Gun-Buying Bans During State Shutdowns

Some governors are understanding now isn’t the time to be fiddling with enumerated rights. The right to keep and bear a gun must also include the right to legally purchase one.

Why Governments Shouldn’t Close Gun Stores During A Pandemic

Keeping gun businesses running isn’t a luxury of a free state. It is a necessity.

Beto’s Back As Biden’s Chief Gun Grabber

Joe Biden appears to be in the tank for confiscating millions of lawfully owned firearms and locking up gun owners who dare to resist.

Record Sales Show Americans Are Voting For Guns With Their Wallets

Americans are investing their hard-earned dollars to buy the firearms they want before gun-grabbing politicians attempt to regulate away their rights.

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case Blaming Gun Maker For Newtown Shooter’s Actions

The case goes back to Connecticut state court for trial. There, the plaintiffs will need to prove that Remington’s advertising caused the Newton shooter to murder innocent victims.

Gov. Newsom Fiddles With Pointless Gun Restrictions While California Burns

With the nation’s widest-ranging so-called ‘red-flag’ law, Newsom is demonstrating he’s more interested in settling political scores and pursuing far-left ideologies than actually governing.

Virginia Governor Admits His Gun Control Proposals Wouldn’t Have Prevented Shootings

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam confessed to 762 high school seniors visiting Radford University that none of his gun control proposals would have prevented the tragic murders in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Governor Exploits Virginia Beach Tragedy To Attempt Gun Control

Northam is seeking a ban on standard-capacity magazines, modern sporting rifles, suppressors, extreme-risk protection orders, mandatory home storage laws, and more.

John Paul Stevens Doesn’t Object To Heller. He Objects To The Second Amendment

In his new memoir, former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens writes Heller was ‘the most clearly incorrect decision that the Court announced during my tenure on the bench.’

Citigroup Won’t Shoot Straight About Discriminating Against Gun Companies

Citigroup’s getting asked some hard questions about the fiscal sanity of their decision to discriminate against firearms businesses, and their answers aren’t likely to soothe investors.

Why Gun Owners Shouldn’t Be Shut Out Of The Gun Safety Conversation

To help reduce crime, we must discuss gun owners’ responsibilities that come with the exercise of our Second Amendment rights.